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More random crossover memeage. Because I can.

Choose 10 characters...
1.Peggy Carter (MCU)
2. Pepper Potts (MCU)
3. Howard Stark (MCU)
4. Merlin (Merlin)
5. Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure)
6. Alec Thornton (Sherlock)
7. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files TV)
8. Q [Trevelyan Holmes] (Skyfall/Sherlock)
9. Edwin Jarvis (MCU)
10. Sarah Sawyer (Sherlock)

Answer these questions...

1. 6 (Alec) and 3 (Howard) attend the same social event. What’s the event likely to be?

Possibly a fundraiser/charity of some sort. Maybe for Barts, and Alec's come with Molly? Or something children/education related. Maybe anti-bullying. Howard's probably donated a good deal of money to the cause, and Alec's probably volunteering for the cause.

2. What is 7’s (Harry) worst fear?

Being lured over into Dark Magic and not being able to get himself back.

3. 10 (Sarah) and 1 (Peggy) both join the military. Which one of them is most likely to do well? How would the other one handle the military?

Peggy already did that and got the t-shirt, so she's definitely likely to do well. I don't think Sarah would do too badly. She'd probably make it through basic training, and join the medical corps.

4. 2 (Pepper) bakes a cake. What flavor will it be? Will it have frosting? Sprinkles? Or will it taste awful, and the flavor indistinguishable?

If Pepper made a cake, I doubt it would be very elaborate. I can sort of see her making a birthday cake for Tony from a funfetti mix, because he'd really rather have that than the five-tier gourmet salted chocolate caramel confection he's bound to get at his birthday party. Or maybe she just makes a little mug cake with a candle in it and brings it to him in bed.

5. 5 (Howard) and 8 (Q) crash into each other while walking around a mall and both drop whatever they’re buying in the collision. What’s likely to happen?

I imagine a lot of cursing about the other not watching where he was going and do you know how much this equipment costs, only to realize they've bought basically the same things. Then they'd be trying to sort out if this was your motherboard or mine and no I think this is my screwdriver. Howard remembers why he makes Jarvis go and buy things for him, and Q remembers why he orders things off the Internet. They part as friends.

6. What is 4’s (Merlin) nickname? If he/she doesn’t have one, make one up.

I can only see Merlin maybe getting a pet name from Hunith, and it being something like 'Merl' or 'Merly'. Otherwise, the guy doesn't even have a last name, I don't think anyone's bothered to give him a nickname.

7. Would 9 (Q) and 8 (Jarvis) make a good team when robbing a bank?

The idea of Jarvis trying to rob a bank makes me laugh. I can see him providing a hapless distraction while Q hacks the systems, but Jarvis would be noticeably distressed about the whole thing. I'm assuming it's part of a mission with Peggy or Howard. Poor Jarvis.

8. A tornado warning has been issued for 2’s (Pepper) area. How do they react? For example: Do they run to the basement, or do they run outside with a camera?

No, Pepper is pretty much on top of getting to the shelter, and making sure everyone in the area is safe as well. Including you, Tony, you can work on your project later, get your ass into the shelter now.

9. 6 (Merlin) and 4 (Alec) are in a play. The two are forced to share a kiss. Repulsive or hot? Something else entirely?

Probably rather uncomfortable, but not necessarily disgusting to watch from the audience's POV. I think if Alec was serious about the play, he wouldn't really have any issues about kissing another guy in the name of accuracy any more than he'd feel about kissing a girl he wasn't particularly attracted to. Merlin...I don't know how he'd feel about it. There would probably be a lot of blushing.

10. If 1 (Peggy), 3 (Howard), and 7 (Harry) were in an old detective movie, who would be the bad guy, who would be the detective, and who would be the detective’s love interest?

I have this funny feeling that both Peggy and Howard would consider themselves the detectives and the other one their love interest, in a sort of quarrelling but affectionate partnership. In the meantime, Harry would be the actual detective, but somehow been mistaken for the bad guy.

11. 5 (Martin) and 9 (Jarvis) are vacationing when something happens and they end up deserted on a small island with little means of survival. Who makes it the longest? What happens to the other?

I think Jarvis would be pretty resourceful in an emergency like that, and use his various acquired man-of-all-work skills to keep both him and Martin alive. Oddly, I think Martin would panic and be unhelpful, but have a knowledge of how to survive that he might be able to use to direct Jarvis. In the end, Martin might make it longer, because Jarvis would see to his safety over his own. But Howard would find them before it came to that.

12. 10 (Sarah) hears there is a dangerous serial killer in the area, and the media lists 10’s (Sarah) hair color and gender as the killer’s victim type. What’s 10’s (Sarah) reaction? Will they not care? Go out and buy extra locks for their doors?

Sarah wouldn't be allowed to have her own reaction, because John would be all over telling her to take Abby and go to this place Mycroft set up as safe while he and Sherlock find the killer. Yes, he knows it's probably very unlikely to happen, but he can't work while he's worrying about her. Sarah would go, because, fair enough. She doesn't want to be murdered today, thanks.

13. 6 (Alec) and 8 (Q)– how likely are they as a pair?

Given their relationships in their respective AUs, it would be a little weird for them to get together. That, I don't think it would work. Alec needs more affection than Q would give and Q wouldn't like the amount of time Alec would want to spent with him. Alec would feel lonely and Q would feel smothered.

14. 10 (Sarah) is in a romantic relationship with 7 (Harry), but later finds out he/she is more attracted to 2 (Pepper). Who will they choose – 7 (Harry) or 2 (Pepper)?

While I think Harry and Sarah would be a more compatible couple, I don't see Sarah sticking around in a relationship if she felt she wasn't 100% committed to it or had doubts about her feelings. She wouldn't feel it would be fair to Harry. She'd be more likely to break it off and see how it goes with Pepper, but be really, horrifically guilty about it.

15. Someone throws a surprise birthday party for 9 (Jarvis)! Who planned it, and who showed up?

Howard came up with the idea for it. Maria Stark planned it, because Howard doesn't know how to plan anything and his ideas are nothing like what Jarvis would actually enjoy for his party. Maria and Anna probably worked together on it, and it's a nice little dinner party with Peggy, her husband, Howard, Maria, and Tony in attendance. Everyone shows up, Jarvis is bashfully touched, and it's all a lovely, quiet evening. Even if Howard thinks there should have been more, like, everything.

This would be an adorable fic, actually...

16. 1 (Peggy) and 3 (Howard) skip one of their classes together. What was the class?

Domestic Science. Peggy isn't interested in learning how to be a good wife, and Howard only took it to be in with the ladies, so he's more than happy to skip out if a nice one asks him to.

17. 4 (Merlin) and 5 (Martin) are playing a video game together. What’s the video game?

Probably a flight simulator. Merlin's probably better at it, despite not knowing what an aeroplane or a video game is.

18. Which of the ten characters listed is likely to be a huge anime fan? Would they hide it, or be proud of it?

Alec, I think. I could see him getting into it through his students talking about it and sampling a few things so he could know what they were talking about, and then getting really sucked into the whole genre. He wouldn't hide it, but I don't imagine he'd go out cosplaying or anything. Just be really enthusiastic whenever the subject came up.
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