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Agent Carter: The Virtues of Being Useful (3/4)

Title: The Virtues of Being Useful (3/4)
Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Howard Stark, Anna Jarvis, Abraham Erskine, some OCs
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: alcohol use, references to antisemitism, swearing, era appropriate but not necessarily PC views and terms
Spoilers: Backstory for both Agent Carter and Captain America: The First Avenger, set before both
Pairings: Jarvis/Anna
Word Count 4,478
Summary: Edwin Jarvis arrives in America to start a new life, with a new wife, in New York, and attempts to find his footing with a very interesting new employer.
Author's notes: So much headcanon...


By the end of the first week, they had food in the pantry, work for the both of them, new clothing, and a beautiful roof over their heads.Collapse )
Tags: fandom: agent carter, fandom: mcu, length: full, rating: pg

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