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Once More With Feeling

Both fortunately and unfortunately, the Internet is filled with these memes. Muhahaha! Back to twelve characters this time.

Choose 12 Characters
1. Lt. Connie Murphy (Dresden Files TV)
2. Alec Thornton (Sherlock)
3. Q [Trevelyan Holmes] (Skyfall/Sherlock)
4. Merlin (Merlin)
5. Pepper Potts (MCU)
6. Sarah Sawyer (Sherlock)
7. DI Greg Lestrade (Sherlock)
8. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files TV)
9. Peggy Carter (MCU)
10. Howard Stark (MCU)
11. Edwin Jarvis (MCU)
12. Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure)

Answer these questions...

1) 6 (Sarah), 7 (Lestrade), and 8 (Harry) all go out to dinner, where do they go, what do they eat, and who pays?

Probably a nice family restaurant, nothing too fancy but with good food. Sarah and Lestrade probably have fish and chips, Harry probably has a burger. They split the check.

2) 12 (Martin) and 9 (Peggy) go on a date, where do they go, how does it go?

Well, I can't see it going well, to begin with. I don't think Peggy would have the patience for Martin's uncertain nervousness, tendency to panic, and limited conversation. In terms of where they might go, I have no idea. Maybe some sort of air show.

3) 4 (Merlin) and 6 (Sarah) have a daughter, what’s her name, what is she like?

Merlin wanted Hunith, but Sarah argued for something a little more normal, so her name is Eleanor Hunith Sawyer (Ellie). She has magic, and is especially good at healing spells. She often collects injured creatures and brings them home to rehabilitate. Sarah feels puppies and kitties are maybe expected, but she still can't figure out how Ellie convinced the owl and squirrel to simply hop up into her arms. And the number of frogs is getting sort of silly. Merlin regrets teaching Ellie how to talk to animals. It seemed like good father/daughter bonding at the time...

4) 2 (Alec) has an embarrassing question for 9 (Peggy), what is it about?

"I'm sorry to bother you, but you seemed to have ripped the entire back out of your skirt and I wasn't sure if you'd noticed? You also seem to be bleeding. Would you like my coat? Can I take you somewhere? You'll probably have to direct me, I'm not very good at getting places."

5) 4 (Merlin) and 5 (Pepper) are arguing, what is it about?

It's about that bad ass medieval sword Tony bought for 5 million at an auction two years ago, which, Pepper understands is very important to you, Mr. Merlin, but there is very little chance Tony has any intention of selling it.

6) You ask 7 (Lestrade) what the best movie they ever saw was, what is their answer?

Raiders of the Lost Ark. He was 22 and on a date with a girl. The girl didn't last, but his love of Indiana Jones is forever.

7) If 11 (Jarvis) was deathly ill, how does 2 (Alec) react, what does 11 (Jarvis) have to say to 10 (Howard)?

Eeek. Well, Alec is pretty much on top of calling for help. Ambulance, and then John to see if there's anything he can do in the meantime. In terms of what Jarvis would say to Howard, probably something along the lines of 'it's been an honour to serve you, sir. I'm sorry to leave without permission'. And then we would all cry, because ouch, meme. Ouch.

8) 10 (Howard) gets into a fight, where was it, who was it with, and who won?

Presuming it's not on a S.H.I.E.L.D mission, for which the answer would be 'bad guy lair, bad guy, me, of course', I'm guessing probably outside of a nightclub, with some guy who made inappropriate comments to one of Howard's dates, and Howard probably took a few punches, but ultimately won because you don't grow up on the Lower East Side without learning how to fight dirty and win.

9) Who would make a better teacher, 12 (Martin) or 4 (Merlin)?

I think we established in a previous meme that Martin has no business being a teacher, so Merlin would probably make a better one, but honestly, I don't think either of them should choose it as a profession.

10) 1 (Murphy) and 8 (Harry) are on a quest for something, what is it?

The latest Big Bad Magical Artifact that is ruining everyone's lives in Chicago. Basically Tuesday for Murphy and Harry.

11) 8 (Harry) and 10 (Howard) have an agreement, who is the brain and who is the brawn? What do they achieve?

These memes are desperately trying to get Harry and Howard to team up on things. Howard's the brains, Harry's the brawn, 100%. They achieve pretty much what they set out to do, so long as Harry and Howard's tech never meet, ever. It's more of a long distance partnership.

12) 3 (Q) must work for 11 (Jarvis), what do they have to do?

Find Mr Stark and Miss Carter, who are missing again, and, as they are together, cannot be consulted to find one another. Please hurry, dinner is getting cold and Mr Stark is supposed to be giving a speech this evening.

13) What can 5 (Pepper) do to scare 8 (Harry)?

Probably very little. Harry's seen it all. Her temporary Human Fireball powers might freak him out a little, though.

14) What would happen in a fan fiction where 9 (Peggy) kidnaps 8 (Harry), 7 (Lestrade) and 4 (Merlin) team up to get him/her back, and 12 (Martin) has stolen something very precious from 2 (Alec)?

The last part would solve itself very quickly, as I doubt Martin meant to take the thing, it was probably very much an accident, and he would simply give it back with stammered apologies, and Alec would give him a disapproving Teacher Speech about taking things, and forgive him.

In the other plotline, I'm guessing S.H.I.E.L.D is suspicious of Harry, and have taken him for that reason. Merlin probably makes a pretty good attack on them and takes out all the tech, while Lestrade uses his connections with the British Government to try and work out a more diplomatic deal. The British Government probably succeeds, and Harry is allowed to escape with Merlin. Peggy's dislike of Mycroft Holmes increases, but she does think that DI Lestrade fellow is a decent chap.

15) Who does 8 (Harry) choose to help him/her, 2 (Alec), 11 (Jarvis), or 5 (Pepper)?

Well, he's not looking at the most kickass task-force. I think Jarvis is probably the best bet. He can drive a getaway car, has connections, and will hit people in the face with diner trays if required.

16) 3 (Q) has a great idea cheer up 12 (Martin), what is it?

Decommissioned awesome government aeroplanes for everyone! Complete with all your favourite pilot gadgets, installed by Q, who will never use them because he's not getting on the plane, but here, you can have it Martin.

17) Why is 12 (Martin) mad at 8 (Harry)?

Thanks for breaking the badass plane Q just gave him, Harry. God, it's her maiden voyage.

18) 1 (Murphy) walks in on 3 (Q) and 5 (Pepper) making out, what happens next?

She slips by to get that paperwork she was trying to find, gives them a friendly nod and wink, and slips out again, noting she did not see that coming at all.

19) 5 (Pepper) needs a place to crash for a few days, who do they stay with 12 (Martin) or 8 (Harry)?

Harry. He'd probably let her have the loft and sleep on the couch. Martin doesn't even have a couch, and he'd really love to sleep on the floor, but he has a bad back and he does have to fly tomorrow, so really, it might be best if he had the bed.

20) If 6 (Sarah) had to choose, who would they entrust with their safety, 2(Alec), 3 (Q) or 4 (Merlin)?

Q. Might as well keep it in the weird extended semi-inlaw family. If you commission one Holmes brother, you get the other two for free, so you're probably safer, and anyway, it's not like Q hasn't already been monitoring his brother's best friend's wife's safety already.
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