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Even More Random Crossover Fun!

Stolen from joonscribble, because apparently we have a meme problem.

Choose ten characters...
1. Howard Stark (MCU)
2. Pepper Potts (MCU)
3. Peggy Carter (MCU)
4. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files TV)
5. Edwin Jarvis (MCU)
6. Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure)
7. Merlin (Merlin)
8. Q [Trevelyan Holmes] (Skyfall/Sherlock)
9. Alec Thornton (Sherlock)
10. Sarah Sawyer (Sherlock)

Answer the following questions...

1. Out of all ten characters listed, which one is the most intelligent? Who is the dumbest?

Howard or Q are the most intelligent, in slightly different ways. I'd say Howard has a more all-around knowledge than Q, though. Dumbest is probably Martin. Sorry Martin. Merlin would give you a run for your money, but ultimately he does get stuff done.

2.What is the worst crime 9 (Pepper) has ever committed?

She pepper sprayed one of Tony Stark's bodyguards because no one was listening to her about the TOTALLY COMPANY ENDING FINANCIAL ERROR she'd just discovered. Luckily no one pressed charges, and her punishment for it is living with the name Pepper Potts for the rest of her life. And possibly being Tony Stark's PA.

3. 1 (Howard) and 4 (Harry) must fix a dinner together. How do they cooperate in the kitchen? What kind of food do they fix, if any at all?

Howard cannot cook beyond slicing food up and presenting it in an attractive fashion on a plate, so I'm guessing Harry's trusted spaghetti is what they make. And Howard probably stands around and gabs while Harry does all the work, and points out the garlic bread is burning while failing to do anything to stop the garlic bread from burning.

4. What channel (Disney, Discovery, National Geographic, et cetera) does 5 (Jarvis) watch the most?

PBS. Lots of shows from Old Blighty that are educational and entertaining. Also an excellent channel to put a small unruly toddler in front of while trying to mind him and get this dinner party organized.

5. 7 (Merlin) and 3 (Peggy) are walking down a street at night when they hear 2 (Pepper) cry for help. What does 2 (Pepper) need help with, and will 7 (Merlin) and/or 3 (Peggy) help her?

It's probably some supervillain trying to kidnap her again because it's Tuesday and that's what happens. Merlin and Peggy would definitely help in a heartbeat, Peggy going full-throttle in there to attack and Merlin hanging back and dropping things on the heads of the attackers.

6. Does 8 (Q) keep a clean room?

Q keeps an exceptionally clean room. His lack of attachment to physical objects makes it quite easy to keep any space he occupies very tidy, and the most that ever happens is that the tea mugs tend to pile up after a long night, and can be found scattered in various spots around the place. They usually get to the sink and washed properly by the next day.

7. 5 (Jarvis) and 10 (Sarah) run a country together – what state is the country in, and how is it run?

I imagine the country is in fine fettle, with excellent universal healthcare, a neatly balanced budget, and a small army of technologically advanced soldiers used mostly for peacekeeping. Unfortunately, the two leaders get called away to deal with emergencies in other countries quite often, but the country runs very efficiently in their absence.

8. 6 (Martin) may have possibly come into contact with a deadly disease, so she’s being quarantined. They’re allowed to bring something along with them – a book or video game - to keep them entertained. What would 6 (Martin) bring?

Probably the biggest flight manual he can find to memorize it, or just to do a bit of light reading. By the time he's released, he'll be able to quote it forward and backward, much to everyone's despair.

9. 8 (Q) is kidnapped by 2 (Pepper) and forced to play a game of Scrabble or die – and if 8 (Q) loses, 2 (Pepper) will kill him. Who is likely to win the game of Scrabble, and if 8 (Q) loses, how does 2 (Pepper) kill him?

This is a very unlikely scenario, unless Pepper has been brainwashed. But Q would win, no question. He used to read the dictionary as a child, and words are his second favourite thing. Not to mention he's quietly hacking his way out in between turns. I suppose Pepper would probably use an Iron Man suit to kill him if it came to that, but it wouldn't. Because Q would have the suit's programming hacked and be out of there.

10. What is 4’s (Harry) favorite time of day?

Harry likes the period of about 10PM-2AM, when he's just hanging out in the lab and making potions with Bob, and hopefully the day's dramas are over and he's just chilling.

11. 4 (Harry), 9 (Alec), and 3 (Peggy) get snowed in while at a cabin in the mountains. They have one twin bed, two blankets, a few bottles of water, and a little bit of beef jerky. Who gets what? Who suffers the most while they wait out the storm?

Peggy is offered the bed because Harry and Alec are gentlemen, but she refuses, and in the end everyone probably sleeps on the floor because everyone is too polite to take it. Food and water are shared equally. Harry keeps them all warm with a little magic, so the blankets aren't as important. Alec probably suffers the most, because he's not used to roughing it and his asthma acts up in cold weather.

12. If 7 (Merlin) could steal anything – an object, a talent, or trait – from 6 (Martin), what would it be?

Probably that big metal Gerti-bird Martin flies around in. That might come in handy.

13. Of all the characters, who has the best hygiene?

Q would give Jarvis a run for his money, but I think Jarvis would win. I can see Q going without bathing for a day or two if necessary. I think Jarvis would get extremely distressed as soon as his five o'clock shadow appeared.

14. 1 (Howard), 4 (Harry), and 10 (Sarah) are all staying the night in a haunted house. Who would be scared? Would any of them be skeptical? How does each of them sleep?

Sarah might be a little jumpy, but kind of enjoying it. Howard wouldn't believe any of it. Harry would believe all of it and be really annoyed that this is happening again. He certainly wouldn't be sleeping until he'd dealt with the problem. Howard probably went to sleep no worries. Sarah probably decides to help Harry investigate. Howard wakes up in the morning with all the problems solved, Harry and Sarah looking worse for the wear, and calls Jarvis to bring breakfast for everyone.

15. What would be the worst possible job 1 (Howard) could work?

This is a tough one, because I can see Howard being quite good at a lot of things, as a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. Bored, of course, but good. Probably something like an elementary school teacher. He wouldn't have the patience for that. But his science lessons would be amazing.

16. 6 (Martin), 8 (Q), and 9 (Alec) must compete in a talent show. What do they do for their talent, and who would win?

Q plays piano. Alec probably makes a very impressive meal. Martin...recites the flight manual from memory? Q would win. He has very talented fingers.

17. What is 2’s (Pepper) biggest pet peeve?

Anyone who talks to her solely because they are trying to get to Tony, but pretends like they're actually interested in talking to her. If you want to make an appointment with Tony Stark, make the appointment. Sweet talking her is not going to get you in faster, and is just annoying.

18. If 5 (Jarvis) won the lottery for 25 million dollars, what would he do with the money?

He'd probably donate the majority of it to a charity he believes in, and use the rest to take himself and Anna travelling, and maybe spruce up their house a little with a nicer library and a quality sewing machine for Anna. He might buy her a nice diamond ring, as he never gave her an engagement one and she's always insisted he not waste money on it, she likes her wedding band just fine. He wants for very little in life, he doesn't really need the money.

19. What was 10’s (Sarah) favorite toy growing up?

Her roller skates. She liked zooming around the neighbourhood on them, and doing epic spins and leaps. She has at least four scars from spills, but those skates were the best.

20. Make up an e-mail address for 7 (Merlin).

21. If 8 (Q) had an iPod or some kind of music player, what kinds of songs would you find in it?

Q's MP3 player is chock full of operas, classical music, and a variety of film soundtracks. He doesn't watch films, he just likes have appropriate musical accompaniment as he's doing impressive things in his life.

22. What would you do if 9 (Alec) suddenly paid you a visit?

Giggle uncontrollably, probably. I'm assuming he'd be lost, so I'd help him find his way, and get him a cup of tea. Maybe he'd make me dinner. That would be nice. But I think the giggling uncontrollably would take up most of the visit.

23. Do you think 6 (Martin) and 4 (Harry) are made for each other?

No. If only because Harry's technological issues would make flying even harder for Martin, and Martin doesn't need the stress of demons and evil wizards in his life. I also can't picture Harry enjoying Martin's wishy-washy nature very much, and Martin wouldn't appreciate Harry's recklessness.

24. What subject would 1 (Howard) teach if s/he were a teacher/professor? Would s/he be good at it?

Shop, probably. And he'd be okay. Enthusiastic. Just incredibly dangerous and not terribly good at the part where he makes things understandable to mortals.

25. 8 (Q) and 6 (Martin) go on their first date. Where would they go, and what would they do?

Q might take Martin out to the opera and to dinner, perhaps. Martin might try to lure him to Duxford, but Q's lack of interest in flying would make him resistant and be one of the largest contributing factors to why this relationship was doomed from the start. That fact that Martin sounds like a high-pitched Sherlock being the second largest factor.

26. 1 (Howard) receives a gift from 9 (Alec). Does s/he open it or not? If so, what is inside?

I imagine Jarvis probably opens it, since I don't think Howard opens his own mail. It's probably a packet of drawings from Alec's students with a letter to thank him for either the large donation he made to the school, or the really cool school trip to Stark Industries they took. Jarvis passes the letter along, and a few of the drawings as a sample, and Howard probably takes a look and gets a bit of a kick out of it.

27. 4 (Harry) is walking home when s/he sees a cute fluffy creature, which promptly begins rubbing itself against his/her legs. Will s/he kick it away, or take it home?

He will take it home and name it Mister, and feed it Coke.

28. 5 (Jarvis) is dared by 4 (Harry) to strip while pole-dancing in front of 2 (Pepper). Write a short dialogue about this.

Jarvis: No. I cannot possibly express the number of ways in which this would be entirely inappropriate, Mr Dresden.
Harry: Come on, live a little. Get out of that tweed.
Jarvis: I will do no such thing. Please leave immediately, and take your hockey stick and skull with you.

29. What smiley/emoticon would best describe 7 (Merlin)?


30. If you had the chance to rewrite 6's (Martin) life, how would you change it?

Finnemore did an excellent job of that in the Series Finale, I don't think I'd want to mess with it.
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