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Messing around with the daemon meme questions for my Agent Carter daemons as a sort of character development thing for future reference. I included Steve, because he technically belongs in that era, too.

Edwin Jarvis
Animal: A Welsh Springer Spaniel
Name: Hendrina (used only by Jarvis)
Nickname: Haddie. Miss Dejeni sometimes calls her 'Had', and Hesper sometimes calls her Haduska.
Major Personality Traits: Haddie is a pleasant, kind, playful daemon, with a touch of a mischievous streak that frequently earns her a scolding from Jarvis. She's attentive and hardworking, and gentle, but can be cheeky and silly when it's all right to be so. And sometimes when it's not.
How he/she sleeps: Curled up with her tail to her chin, at the foot of the bed. Hesper likes to sleep on her nose, and tickles her with his antennae as they fall asleep.
How he/she travels with his/her human: At a crisp, noble trot to keep up with Jarvis' long strides, head slightly raised, and tail straight back behind her. It sometimes wags if she's feeling happy or she sees someone she likes. Her gait resembles that of a dog in a show ring.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: If he's standing, Haddie sits at Jarvis' feet, her tail curved neatly around her backside, and her face attentive to listen to whatever Jarvis is being told. If he's sitting, she lays down with her chin on her paws, unless it would be rude to so do. Then she sits upright. In the evenings, when Jarvis and Anna are in the living room listening to the radio, she lies in the middle of the room, with Hesper on her front paws.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Haddie was very often a dormouse when she was little, so she could curl up and read with Jarvis, or help with his studies. She also liked to be an adventurous corgi.
What his/her voice sounds like: Wry, and alto, with a prim purr to it. Her RP accent slips sometimes, more often than Jarvis' does.

Daniel Sousa

Animal: An aardwolf
Name: Eitana
Nickname: Yetti, used only by Daniel in private.
Major Personality Traits: Eitana is a straight-shooting, steadfast sort of daemon, who is a bit shy, but will stand her ground when she feels it's right. She has a strong sense of fair play, and can be disappointed when people don't act how she thinks they should. While Daniel has become a bit guarded and closed off since the War, Eitana retains a sense of goodwill toward the world, and looks for the best in people, even if it sometimes comes back to bite her.
How he/she sleeps: Eitana likes to make a little nest for herself in the covers, with her head peeking out and resting on Daniel's back.
How he/she travels with his/her human: She pads along with her ears very pricked up, and her head moving to keep an eye on things. She steers clear of Daniel's false leg, as he sometimes has trouble knowing where it is in space and has kicked her a few times.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: At work, she sits under Daniel's desk with her head peeking out and watching the bullpen, or under the conference table. At home, she either lays next to him, pressed up against the thigh on his bad leg, or lies with her head on his feet. She generally keeps very close to him, and usually touching him in some way.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Eitana was most often a wolf when she was younger, though she fancied being a chameleon for awhile. She's pretty content with the form she ended up in.
What his/her voice sounds like: Rather soft most of the time, but will take on a more commanding tone if required. It usually surprises people when she does start barking things out.

Angie Martinelli
Animal: An Eastern Rosella
Name: Ziv
Nickname: Zee, sometimes Zivvy
Major Personality Traits: Ziv is a colourful, brash, up-in-your-face kind of daemon, who is cheerful and friendly, and is always happy to meet you and acts like he's known you for years, even if you've just met. Nothing much gets him down, and he's often boosting Angie's confidence and assuring her that she's going to make it big, and everything will be fine.
How he/she sleeps: He leans against Angie's shoulder in bed, with his face planted in her arm.
How he/she travels with his/her human: He rides on her shoulder, unless she's at work, in which case he's often in the air, going onto the next table while Angie's still at the previous one, and delivering order slips to the counter, and talking to patrons' daemons. If Peggy's in, he often stays back to chat to Takeo while Angie delivers the food, as long as Angie isn't too far away.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Angie and Ziv talk to each other a lot, and practice scenes together, critiquing each other's performances. Ziv likes to practice his reactions by listening to the radio and responding appropriately to the action, and he likes to groom Takeo's fur when Angie and Peggy are hanging out together in the flat.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Ziv didn't have many favourite forms; he liked to test out being the forms of famous film stars or daemons he saw in the street. He did run around as a meerkat, 'just 'cause, but otherwise, he liked the freedom of being all different things. It was a bit of a sad day when he settled and couldn't change anymore, but he elected to own the form he has and make the best of it.
What his/her voice sounds like: A brash New Yawk, with a tendency to squawk when he's excited. He's a good mimic, though, and can do a lot of different voices and accents, and he tends to subtly change his voice depending on who he's talking to, picking up their turns of phrases and quirks to store for later.

Steve Rogers
Animal: Teddy Roosevelt Terrier
Name: Ishild
Nickname: Issie, used far more often than her full name. In fact, Dr. Erskine and his daemon, Ruya, were the only ones who have ever consistently called her Ishild.
Major Personality Traits: Issie is a straightforward, no-nonsense kind of daemon, who is very decided about what needs to be done about things and minces no words in telling Steve. She can be a bit silly, around the right people, and has very little concept that she's rather small.
How he/she sleeps: Before the serum, she slept parallel to Steve on the bed, tucked up as close to him as she could to keep him warm, or if he was feverish, she kept herself away to keep him cool. Post-serum, she can sleep on Steve's stomach without affecting his breathing, so she usually lies with her nose up by his chin, and his hand over her back. Her tail often wags in her sleep.
How he/she travels with his/her human: At a brisk trot, brisker now that Steve has longer legs to keep up with. She loves to run, and doesn't take much prompting to do it. She sometimes runs even when he's walking, making circles around him.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Issie likes to be in on the action with Steve, so she's usually on the top of tables if he's sitting because she can't see from the floor. Otherwise, she sits at his feet, or by his thigh if they're on the couch.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Anything ferocious, especially a bear cub or tiger. She was very surprised to have settled as something so...small.
What his/her voice sounds like: Crisp and clear, perhaps a little high-pitched, and often indignant.

Anna Jarvis
Animal: A Chinese Oak Silkmoth
Name: Hesperos (Hesh-per-osh, if using a Hungarian accent)
Nickname: Hesper (by Jarvis and Haddie, and the Stark family), Hesci ('Hesti') by Anna
Major Personality Traits: Hesper is a gentle, caring daemon, hidden under Anna's polished veneer. He enjoys people and observing the world around him, and takes things as they come, able to adapt as needed and finding pleasure in the small things in life, instead of moping about the large things. He's a touch vain, and a little bit bossy, but the latter comes more from a language barrier that makes him speak more plainly than he means to. He sees both the good and bad in people, and judges them accordingly. He's rarely disappointed in anyone, because they often act just as he expects them to act.
How he/she sleeps: On Haddie's nose, if she's there. If she's not, he sleeps on Anna's face, just at the corner of one of her eyebrows.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Hesper likes to pretend he's an accessory in her hair when she's on the move, usually down by her ear so he can talk to her if necessary.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: At work, Hesper is a salesman, flitting around customers and directing them toward what they should buy by landing on it and gently fluttering his wings in a 'come hither' manner. If Anna is sewing, he settles on her hands or sewing machine, and he likes to nestle into Haddie's paws if they're spending some time together.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Hesper always had an affinity for colourful creatures, and butterflies especially. He would have been a little happier to have less muted colours in his final form. Haddie says he has a very pleasing colouring, though, and thinks he's very handsome.
What his/her voice sounds like: A heavily-accented tenor, with a bit of melodic up-and-down to it.
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