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Shippy Meme: Anna and Jarvis Edition

I've come to the conclusion that it's just easier for me to create a potentially non-canon Anna Jarvis than to keep trying to write around her for scenes she really should be in. To help me build her up, I did the old 'Ship Meme'.

big spoon/little spoon: Generally, Jarvis and Anna sleep facing one another, often with Jarvis holding Anna's hand until they fall asleep. There were a few days between when they could be together and when they could get married, during which they needed to share a bed (Mr Stark only booked one room for them), and they slept like that to keep things more chaste (despite Mr Stark's assertion that 'a little premarital snuggling never hurt anyone'). They never got out of the habit of it.

favorite non-sexual activity: 7:00 sherry, 8:00 Benny Goodman. 8:00 activites changed to television shows later on. It's a nice way to unwind and catch up at the end of the day. Jarvis usually polishes his shoes, and Anna sews.

what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Neither existed in their lifetimes, but they are both avid listeners of the radio. The Captain America Advetnure Hour is/was a favourite of Anna's, but Jarvis found it increasingly hard to bear once he learned more about the real person. The Adventures of anyone (Ellery Queen, Sam Spade, the Thin Man, Superman, Ozzie and Harriet, etc.) are always a good choice.

who uses all the hot water: Jarvis and Anna are both very conservative with their water, as they both grew up in circumstances where there was a bath night once a week and everyone shared the water. They bathe every day, now, of course, but the habit of being quick so someone else can use the warm water is deeply ingrained. Anna sometimes takes very long baths which frequently result in Jarvis rapping on the door to teasingly ask her if she's drowned.

most trivial thing they fight over: The pronounciation of words. Anna's accent is very endearing, but when she learns new English words, she often does so from Americans and Jarvis feels the need to correct her to the 'proper', English pronunciation. Anna insists that they are American now and should speak like them. Jarvis is in violent disagreement.

who cooks normally?: Jarvis makes breakfast, Anna makes dinner. They eat lunch at their respective work places. Anna is a better cook than Jarvis, but he makes a mean omelette.

who kissed who first?: Jarvis kissed Anna, and then apologized profusely for it. Anna shut up his apologies by kissing him back, which is a technqiue she still uses when his sentences run on past where they should have stopped.

who does most of the cleaning: They run a very tidy household, so the house never gets too messy. Anna takes on the majority of the scrubbing of the kitchen and bathroom when it's required, and Jarvis takes care of the sweeping and dusting. Anna is a little more lax about how long is an appropriate duration to leave cleaning until it needs to be cleaned, and does her best to get Jarvis to lighten up about that.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Jarvis. The landlord is Mr Stark, so the problem is usually cleared up by the end of the day, either with Mr Stark fixing it himself or paying someone a very large amount of money to do it fast and well.

who remembers anniversaries: Neither has ever forgotten their wedding anniversary or a birthdate. Between the two of them, they also have a very thorough knowledge of all key moments of their relationship, from when they first met to when they started walking out together and when Jarvis left Budapest, and when they got on the boat for America. They don't celebrate any of those dates, but sometimes one or the other will remark on them.

How often do they fight?: Almost never. Neither have much of a temper, and are very good at communicating annoyances before they get out of hand. Arguing over whose turn it is to do the washing up seems very silly in comparison to what they've been through to be with one another. They spend more time apologizing to each other and reassuring each other they don't need to apologize than they do actually fighting. Mr Stark once called this 'aggressive apologizing' after seeing them do it, and the phrase has become something of an in-joke between Jarvis and Anna.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Jarvis attends to the Stark family and goes on thrilling adventures. Anna works in a tailor's shop, and is very involved with the local Jewish community (she feels it's important, considering how many of the population was lost during the war). She's often out with members of her synagogue or other friends. She also has quite a few charity causes that keep her busy. Jarvis isn't as social as she is, but doesn't mind being at home alone.

Nicknames for each other?: Jarvis calls her Annuska when he's being affectionate (which usually comes after a bit too much sherry). Anna uses various Hungarian endearments for him, and also frequently calls him a 'silly Englishman', which is what she called him right when they first met and has become a term of endearment.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Jarvis always paid for meals. That's the gentlemanly thing to do, and even after they were married, the money always came from his wallet.

Who steals the covers at night?: Anna has a bad habit of stealing them before Jarvis makes it to bed, which requires him to playfully tug her out of them so he can get in. If he's coming in late, he uses an extra blanket so as not to wake her up.

What would they get each other for gifts?: Jarvis picks up nice fabrics or notions like buttons and beads during his travels with Mr Stark. He always intends them to be used for items that she would sell, but they just as often end up on items she gives him as gifts. He also buys her combs and clips for her hair, and she makes his ties. They are both very practical and more likely to make something or plan to do something together than spend a lot of money on presents.

Who swears more?: Anna. By quite a margin. Jarvis uses minced oaths, Anna chooses to use the proper ones. In Hungarian. Jarvis has never learned which ones translate to which thing, but if she's exclaiming with words he doesn't understand he gives her a disapproving look on general principle.

What would they do if the other one was hurt?: It's an accepted fact in the Stark Household that if Anna is hurt or ill, Jarvis has the day off to look after her, and that's pretty much the only unscheduled day off he takes, unless he himself is ill. Anna is very much the same. There isn't so much coddling going on, as sitting by the bedside in case they need anything, and bringing it to them. They can also count on a doctor sent by Mr Stark to show up and check them out, no matter how minor the ailment or injury. No request neccessary, he shows up whether they want him there or not.

Who started the relationship?: Jarvis did, after spending quite a lot of money on ties that he had no intentions of wearing so he could have the excuse to come in and talk to her. He felt 15 ties was really the maximum he could afford, and after that, came in near closing and politely asked her if it would be all right to walk her home. She accepted, as she'd been hoping he'd say something at least 12 ties earlier.

Toughest decision they've made?: Not to have children. It was a decision partially made for them, as Anna simply never became pregnant for reasons that were never ascertained. They decided it wasn't that important to them to pursue the cause more thoroughly. They might have adopted, but seemed unlikely they would be approved for adoption, considering Jarvis' treason charges and dishonourable discharge, so they eventually decided to have a childfree life. They had a very happy, fulfilling life nonetheless, and eventually Master Tony came along, which did a great deal to fill any void there might have been.
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