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Stark Family Adventures Stories Launch Page

Stark Family Adventures
Stories about Howard, Tony, and Maria Stark and the people who love them...

(stories are in in-universe chronological order, not necessarily the order they were written in)

Memory Lapse (An accident at S.H.I.E.L.D leaves Peggy with a concussed, confused Howard, and introduces her to a young woman who may well be an anomaly in his life.) [PG, 6,181 words]

Paris in Spring (When the press starts to close in on Howard and Maria's new relationship, Howard whisks Maria off to Paris see if he can convince her to stick around) [PG-13, 7 chapters]

Adjustment Period (Peggy Carter comes to visit the Stark Baby in the hospital, helps Howard and Maria get the hang of being new parents.) [PG-13, 7,147 words]

Sincerity and Strawberries (Howard's plans for the night are derailed when Maria has to go away, leaving him with Tony, a broken robot, and a whole lot of reports to read.) [PG-13, 8,639 words]

Off-Duty Hours (Jarvis comes home from an unusual day of satisfying his employer's whims, to find a rather large surprise waiting for him. Just in time for his birthday.) [G, 6,256 words]

Like Father, Like Son (Tony makes a stupid mistake on a project that results in an ER trip, and proves that Stark genetics really do run deep.) [P3-13, 7,020 words]

A Delicate Operation (Jarvis attempts to get the Stark Family out the door for a social engagement, after having making the critical error of stopping for tea.) [PG, 5,847 words]
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