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MCU Daemon 'verse Launch Page

MCU Daemon Verse
the verse where superheros have animal souls...

Pinboard for Visual References

Avengers Daemons
Daemons of Asgard
Minor Characters in the MCU


Jack of All Trades: PART ONE|PART TWO
(A factory accident, a medical conference, and an 'indisposed' nanny adds child-minding to Jarvis' list of professions for the day. Thankfully, he gets a little help here and there.) {Iron Man/Agent Carter, PG-13, 12,501 words}

Crossed Wires: PART ONE|PART TWO
(Tony runs away from school, leading Howard to realize just how out of touch he is with his son.) {Iron Man/Captain America/Agent Carter, PG-13, 13,869 words}

Baby Steps (Bruce and Nemi come to play at Stark Tower, and Tony and Mim make sure they feel welcome.) {Avengers, PG, 2,750 words}

Put it On the List (Issie ensures Steve lightens up a little during a visit to Stark tower, and Steve gets some new things added to his To-Do List, and experiences some things that weren't even on it to start with. ) {Avengers, PG, 5609 words}

One Step Back (An unexpected visit from The Other Guy puts a dent in Operation Friendship, but Tony and Mim make sure it's not a as big a dent as Bruce and Nemi think.) {Avengers, R, 6,642 words}

Scar Tissue (Tony is recovering from surgery, Natasha is recovering from a concussion, and Bruce is still learning how to be at ease in his new home. But people have scars, and that's okay.) {Avengers, PG-13, 7,868 words}
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