The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

January Googles

Inquires made for fic this month:
Joe Dimaggio
Hungarian terms of endearment
Vacherin Fribourgeois
menstruation product history (v. interesting, highly recommend reading about)
taking apart technology backwards (successfully resulted in helping me remember the term 'reverse engineering', thanks Google)
how to tie a bow tie
1980's men's formal wear
langue des signes française
prochlorperazine + triptan
1984 broadway shows
Jewish bedtime prayers
what did germans call wwi
wwii switzerland
when does milk come in
women in university 1960s
60s dance moves
hyperemesis gravidarum
Japanese word for father-in-law (word of warning, missing 'word for' out of that Google will only result in offering you porn)
nisei soldiers wwii
japanese internment american soldiers
itching powder
common electrical problems in circuits
do servants knock
signs of alcoholism
Tags: i am full of questions, misc./non-fic, writerly thoughts

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