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Presumbably this is what triggered the Great Donut war of '62

So, I was doing some research into variety of donuts because I don't eat donuts due to my many allergies and insulin resistance issues making donuts something I really can't eat. And Wikipedia has an entry on different types of donuts from around the world, and I'm thinking 'oh, that's good, I can even choose a donut from a country that might be relevant to the character's backstory' (because that's kind of author I am, even donuts have backstory relevance) and then I get to the bottom of the page and see this:

And what follows below that is a list of things that are vaguely donut-like (i.e made of dough, a pastry, fried, etc) but which someone has then countered with reasons they are NOT donuts (my favourite is that the dough would not 'universally be accepted as dough').

It makes me happy that there are people in the world this passionate about donuts.
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