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Now landing at Zurich

So, I managed to work myself up to listening to the last two episodes of Cabin Pressure today. I got a little teary, but I'm very pleased by the send off it got. Lovely writing from John Finnemore.

Yay for happy endings! I admit the gold in the wiring was a bit of a deux ex machina (almost literally, actually), but I do like the idea that that's what's been causing Gertie to be so difficult over the years. And Martin and Theresa are together, and MJNAir (or rather, OJSAir, sniff) is still in flight, and Douglas is a captain.

Some other nice things:
-- Martin's captain at Swiss Air is Captain Loutre, which is 'otter' in French.
-- They're starting the alphabet over again by going to Adis Ababa (sniff)
-- I loved the clever recap of the first episode with Arthur on the phone to his girlfriend (and the nice nod to the mention in one of the previous episodes of Arthur's girlfriends being silly posh girls with silly posh names)
-- Yellow car!
-- I loved that everyone had their part in being clever, even Martin and Arthur. And Martin's new found confidence being Douglas is a little bit sweet, too, as was Douglas's disappointment during his job interview at having a flying companion that wasn't Martin.

Overall, I'm very, very happy. And a little bit sad. A lot of writers could learn from John Finnemore on how to develop characters over the course of the series. I wish everyone well in their future projects. And maybe it isn't too much to hope that maybe we'll get a Christmas special or two in the future?
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