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Very Cool News

Amalie, who I frequently mention as someone who lets me read my stories out loud to her and is generally totally awesome, is not only my bestest friend but my older brother, Adam's, girlfriend (together they are known as Adamalie, amongst out circle). She just called to inform us that she and Adam got engaged this afternoon! Apparently both my parents knew this was coming, but I wasn't aware of it at all. I sort of had a gut feeling about it, though.

They are going to New York next week on a trip and Adam was apparently going to propose then, but I guess Ama suspected, so he proposed today to surprise her. It's their 7 and a half year anniversary, I think she said. They've been dating since highschool. It was also Ama's birthday on Friday, so, as she said, it's been a very exciting weekend for her.

The ring doesn't fit and has to be resized, in true Adamalie fashion, but our friend Stacey helped to pick it out. Stacey's a jeweler in training and has been planning the ring picking out for years.

Anyway, Ama just called as is absolutely ecstatic, obviously. She was nattering away and giggling and Adam was very calmly sitting in the background, verifying facts. Also very them.

So, I am totally stoked, because how often does your best-friend get to be your actual sister? Eee!
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