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Your Entertainment Guide for December

Couple of PSAs for people who might not yet know.

First, both sadly and happily, the final episode of Cabin Pressure will be transmitted on Dec 23rd and repeated on the 24th, at 6PM GMT. You can listen live, or stream it from the iPlayer website after it's put up. BBC Radio is never geo-locked, so you can legally listen anywhere in the world.

John Finnemore mentioned that if you'd started on the 29th, you could do a sort of CP Advent calendar of listening to an already aired episode per day and it would put you right in time to have finished for the finale. He's also doing daily CP facts per episode per day on his (amazing) blog

Second order of business: consci_fan_mo begins tomorrow.

The Concise Science-Fiction and Fantasy Month was created to be an antidote to NanoWrimo. All stories have to be concise--between 100 and 2,000 words--and must contain a science fiction or fantasy theme. Fandoms are welcome, as are original works, and any fandom may be used so long as it contains one of those elements (Doctor Who, Merlin, etc), is crossed over with a fandom that contains one of those elements (Sherlock/Dresden Files, Cabin Pressure/The Avengers, etc), or has one of those elements added (daemons au, time travel au, etc.). Lyric/Quote, photo, and fandom prompts are here and will continued to be accepted until Dec 7th. You don't need to write from a prompt and the same prompt can be written by multiple people, there's no need to claim.

I've done it for the past two years and it's a lot of fun and brings out a lot of great original fic as well as creative, sometimes crazy fandom fic. All are welcome to come along and play!
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