The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Probably a new record in procrastination

First off, Happy American Thanksgiving, Americans who celebrate. Hope you enjoy your food and sales and football.

Secondly, I finally--finally--got around to seeing Iron Man 3 tonight. The combo of headaches and my brother's very strong dislike after he'd seen it put it low on my list. But I saw it and enjoyed it. Now I am caught up with presently available on home video Marvel movies.

I've always really enjoyed Pepper's combination of very capable and a bit flaily. I feel like she reacts really humanly to the situations she finds herself in, but also without being stupid or in too much need of rescue.

And she and Tony continue to be rather adorable together. For some reason, I really dig when he calls her 'honey'.

Tony's interaction with bystanders is so lovely. He's so calm, and so reassuring and just really a great thing to show how far he's come as a person.

The interaction with Harley was one of the things my brother didn't like, but I thought it was hilarious how brutal Tony was with him. I feel like the film could have lived without it, but I did get a few laughs from it.

Also, super, super, super portrayal of panic attacks. As soon as he started in the cafe, I knew exactly what was happening. Really well done.

Glitched-out JARVIS is adorable, and Tony's genuine concern over him was touching, especially considering we now know, or will know, what the real Jarvis meant to him.
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