The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Continued attack of the blargh

That thing I picked up at the wedding that gave me an ear infection and strep throat my dad also picked up, his went the route of a persistent dry cough until two days ago when it decided to become pneumonia.

My dad has a very adept fever system, where it spikes high and fast, and he gets a You can usually tell he's feverish because he starts calling sort of drunkenly for the dog while wrapped like a burrito in bed, even if the dog is nowhere near by. He tried to give the secretary at the doctor his bank card when she asked for his health card. And he just cheerfully informed my mum that his antibiotics were a 'pretty pink, they match your shirt'. Which is very unlike my dad, who is a quiet, calm, terse sort of fellow.

I feel like I might have Powers, because someone at asked for a fic about a line I wrote about baby!Q having febrile seizures that Mycroft had to deal with, and the first time I worked on it, I had given him an ear infection, and then the next day I got an ear infection. And then I've been working it on again, and my interpretation of baby!Q's fever is based on descriptions my grandmother told of my father's fevers when he was little, and now he's got a fever. And pneumonia.

So, we've had to cancel Thanksgiving this year, which is a bit sad. But on the bright side, we don't have to clean up the house for Thanksgiving. And I made pumpkin French toast for dinner tonight with the pumpkin I was probably going to use for a pie or something at the table Mum and I had started to decorate, so at least we're making the best of it.

Hope any other Canadians out there have a good Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy your Monday off!
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