The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
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Useful Research Tool

I just found a website that allows you to use Google with results localized to somewhere other than you're living. So, for example, if you Google 'grocery stores' in your normal Google, it will give you results for your area or country. But if you're trying to research grocery stores in France, it's harder to get results. This site, allows you to tell it where you want to search from and gives you the result for that region. Very useful for story research.

In other research news, I have fallen into a big black hole of genealogy and I can't get out. It's so much fun! It's like being a detective!

"Hmm, this Thomas is living with Thomas and Amelia. Are they his parents? Yes, they must be. Amelia is my grandmother's name. She must have been named for her grandmother. Oh, look, there's a George, that must be his brother. And that must be who Russell George is named after. Now, who the hell is Margaret? Did he have a sister? I guess she must be a sister..."

I'm only on day two of my free trial at and I've added about twenty new people to my dad's side, which is very spotty.
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity, resources

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