The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Tales from Scottieland

Mum and I rented the Muppets Most Wanted (highly enjoyable, a solid 8/10) tonight, and at one point, my dad came in and sat down and watched for a few minutes to see why we were laughing so hard. Ascii usually hangs out on the bed with my dad in the evening, but she trotted in and got in her bed under the table in the den because we were all there, and yay, family bonding. She stayed even after dad left, but promptly got up when the credits started rolling. And I thought 'oh, that's cute, it's like she knows the movie is over'. She took two steps out of her bed, and then turned around and got back in it. And then she got out again. And then she got in again. And then she got out again. And then she got in again.

And then I realized there were fireworks on the closing credits and Ascii is afraid of fireworks. So, what I took to be adorable indecisiveness was actually a thought process of 'flee to the bedroom! Dad will protect me! Shit, more fireworks, back under the table, the table will protect me! Okay, now flee, flee for your--ack, fireworks, back under the table!'.

In other adventures, Ascii figured out how to get out of the yard again. Mum called her to come in and she trotted over from the back-door neighbour's yard. Dad couldn't figure out how she got back there, but managed to discern she shimmied through a very small gap.

Annnnd, that's why Scottish Terriers are not dogs for everyone. Just people who like to be simultaneously amused and frustrated.
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