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25 August 2014 @ 10:39 pm
Meme 2.0  
I thought I'd do a variation on that meme I like, to get some different questions going. Character development!

Give me the name of a character I write or have written and I'll tell you:
- What they are like when they're drunk
- If they have any tattoos/scars/birthmarks
- What frivolous thing makes them really happy
- What stupid thing makes them really annoyed
- Special skills (languages they speak, instruments they play, etc)
- Prized possession(s)
- Medical conditions (allergies, injuries, chronic complaints, etc.)
- Comfort food/activity/object

OCS and AUs welcome, as always. Feel free to ask for a couple of characters.

Putting this here to make it easier to respond from my iPad if necessary:

The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on August 26th, 2014 05:00 pm (UTC)
Of course!

Mycroft Holmes

What they are like when they're drunk: It's hard to know, as Mycroft very rarely gets drunk--he dislikes giving up that much control--and when he does, it is always privately. Judging by how he is when he's drugged or on medication, his reaction to being squiffy is to attempt to regain control by ordering everyone around and coming up with surprisingly sound schemes to manipulate the government.
Tattoos/scars/birthmarks: Mycroft has a small scar just under his left wrist from breaking his arm as a very small child (he fell off a ladder in the library at home). He also has a scar right of his sternum from where the camera was placed for the surgery to fix his heart defect, and a splenectomy scar.
Frivolous thing that makes them really happy: Mycroft likes watching the waves at the beach house. He finds them very soothing. If he's at home, he sometimes puts on a wave machine.
Stupid thing that makes them really annoyed: Not having a pen when he needs one. His assistant has learned to carry several on her person at all times.
Special skills: Fluent in French (probably has the worst accent, but the best grammar of the three brothers), fluent in Serbian (recently picked up), quite a skilled artist if he puts his mind to it, not a bad fencer.
Prized possession(s): His pocket watch, and his Father's family ring (it has the birthstones of all three sons hidden on the inside, and is plain gold on the outside, which makes it discreet). Also his umbrella, for practical reasons and not sentimental ones. It may or may not have a sword in it.
Medical conditions: High blood pressure, aforementioned heart defect, now fixed, smokes, and has a tendency to fluctuate in weight if he's not minding himself strictly.
Comfort food/activity/object: Mycroft likes to organize things when he needs comfort, like putting books in alphabetical order or drawing straight lines on a piece of paper. The more upset he gets, the more OCD he gets.

Edited at 2014-08-26 05:39 pm (UTC)