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Translation Time: Anastasia

I spent most of yesterday with a youtube playlist of French Animated song translations on, and it put me in a mood to translate. It also reminded me how often I dislike the Canadian French translations when compared to the European French translations. The Canadian French dubs tend to be very literal, sometimes to the point of the lyrics not rhyming. I never quite understand why they need to do both dubs. It would be like Disney deciding to do a British English dub. And we didn't even start getting our own dubs until the Little Mermaid came out. Anyway, I've done 'Journey to the Past' from "Anastasia". For interests sake, I've put the original English versions next to the Canadian French translation and the European translations. I've just put in the translations, the French lyrics can be found at the links to the videos I've put at the top of the table, if you're curious.


Heart don't fail me now,
Courage don't desert me,
Don't turn back now that we're here.
People always say,
Life is full of choices,
No one ever mentions fear.
Or how the world can seem so vast
On this journey to the past.
My heart beats so fast
Courage please stay my friend
Everything is now so close
Sometimes in life,
you have to make choices
But how to live with that fear
Oh, how the world can seem vast
When you're revisiting your past
Does a better life
Await us, from tomorrow onwards?
Don't doubt it, because it's time!
I know that and yet
We must often choose
That which is very frightening!
Oh, how the world seems so big
When I'm travelling--in the past.
Somewhere down this road,
I know someone's waiting,
Years of dreams just can't be wrong.
Arms will open wide,
I'll be safe and wanted,
Finally home where I belong.
well, starting now im learning fast
On this journey to the past.
I have seen in my dreams,
The end of the road,
Someone who waits for me, loves me
Arms that will surround me
Grip me and reassure me
There will be my true home
You mustn't waste time
When revisiting the past
At the end of the road
They will take my hand.
It will seem like my life has changed.
I will be pampered,
Protected, loved!
How this dream seems so strange to me.
Yes, and yet I undertake
This beautiful journey -- in the past.
Home, Love, Family
There was once a time
I must have had them too.
Home, Love, Family
I will never be complete until I find you.

Love, life, family
It's so far away
I don't remember it at all
Love, life, family
I don't want to live any longer without you
I will look everywhere
Fantasy, dream of a lifetime
Where I would finally
Have a family of my own
Fantasy, dream! What a life!
I would have the right, too
To have my dream of love!
One step at a time,
One hope then another,
Who knows where this road may go?
Back to who I was,
On to find my future,
Things my heart still needs to know.
Yes, let this be a sign,
Let this road be mine,
Let it lead me to my past.
And bring me home,
At last!
I must move forward
The chance to go further
surrounds me
To again the past again
To know where to go
My heart is thirsty to know
Yes, I must always believe
And keep hope
But always follow my path
Whichever one leads,
Finally home!
Softly, step by step,
Let's go toward the future
On this road of happiness
Will someone love me?
Do I have a reason to leave?
So many questions in my heart
Yes, it was definitely a sign!
One world ends!
May this spring road
Be my victory
Over time!
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