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Translation: Je Crois

I used to do a lot of translating on my personal journal, but I don't get around to posting on that as much as I used to, and, since this is my writing journal and translation counts as writing, I figured I'd post this here. I had an urge to translate today.

This song is the Euro French translation of 'I'll Try' from the Disney Movie 'Return to Neverland'. 'I'll Try' is one of my favourite songs, period, despite it coming from a meh sort of movie. The lyrics are beautiful and Johnatha Brooke does a wonderful job with them. I have 6 versions of the song - English, French, Icelandic, Swedish, German and Dutch - the later four I don't understand, but they still sound gorgeous. Anyway, I love the song, obviously, and it just makes sense to me. So, the English version lyrics can be found here. And here is the French version, with translation. I don't have an MP3 of it handy, or I would post it. The English version can be heard on a few Dresden Files music videos on youtube (here). I don't know how well the videos are done, but the song is worth listening to.

Je Crois(I Believe)
performed by Nathalie Fauran

Je n’suis plus une enfant
Je peux prendre soin de moi-même
Et pour qu’il reste confiant
Je dois dire à ce que j’aime: "ça va, ça va"

I'm no longer a child
I can take care of myself
And so no one suspects
I have to tell those I love: "I'm fine, I'm fine"

Mais je suis fatiguée
Et trop grande pour croire
Ses naïves histoires
De confiance et loyauté
Et ces poussières de fées

But I'm so tired
And too grown-up to believe
These naives fairy tales
Of trust and loyality
And pixie dust

Pourquoi je ne vois pas ce qu’ils voient
Pourquoi je ne crois pas ce qu’ils croient
Pourquoi pourquoi pas moi

Why, don't I see what they see?
Why, don't I believe what they believe?
Why, why, not me?

Dans ce monde troublé
Par les armes et le drame
Je ne peux les laissez
Abandonné dans cette vie en flammes
Mmmmm vie en larmes

In this troubled world
Filled with weapons and drama
I can't leave them
Abandoned to this life of flames
Mmm, life of tears

Mais parfois je voudrais voir ce qu’ils voient
Parfois je voudrais croire ce qu’ils croient
Avoir la foi
La foi pour croire et enfin voir
L’univers qui sépare
Ce monde en pleurs qui tremble de peur et le rêve enchanteur

But sometimes, I would like to see what they see
Sometimes, I would like to believe what they see
To have the faith
The faith to believe and finally see
The universe that seperates
This world in tears that shakes with fear and the dream maker

A présent je peux croire
Car enfin j’ai pu voir
Que notre monde est fait
De confiance et loyauté
Et de poussiéres de fées

Now I can believe
For I can finally see
That our world is made
Of trust and loyalty
And pixie dust

Oui je crois car maintenant je sais
Je vois enfin ce que vous voyez
Je crois, je crois, je crois
Je crois en toi

Yes, I believe, for now I know
I finally see what you see
I believe, I believe, I believe
I you

Translator's Note: Though the metaphor is lovely on it's own, Jane's (the character who's point of view the song is from) world does actually tremble with fear, etc. The story is set in London during the Blitz.

As a side note, if anyone has any French they're curious about or would like translated, I'm more than happy to give it a go. French is one of my obsessions. :-D
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