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Cabin Pressure Daemons

I worked on this at the cottage. The good news is, I have no more fandoms left, so it should be the last daemon post. I know I said that last time. I can quit anytime I want!

Martin Crieff-- Aracelia (Spanish, meaning 'altar of the sky'), a Sri Lankan Frogmouth. I knew that Martin needed a bird, because he wants to fly with all of his soul, and frogmouths are not terribly good flyers, but they get the job done. They tend to stay in one home for a long time, and can easily be mistaken for branches. Celi is a nervous daemon, who tries to soar and float even though she's not very good at it, and likes to sit on Martin's captain's chair, where she can see out the window.

Douglas Richardson-- Min (Chinese, meaning 'clever'), a Eurasian Magpie. Magpies are one of the most intelligent birds out there, and are capable of strategy and have the ability to predict outcomes based on previous experience. In folklore, magpies are thought to like shiny objects, and often steal things. Min spends most of her day bothering Celi, and sometimes sneaks over to press buttons when no one is looking, so that alarms go off and scare Martin.

Arthur Shappey-- Makena (African, meaning 'happy one'), a Swedish Valhund. I knew Arthur's demeanor demanded a dog of some sort, so I looked around for high-energy, friendly breeds, and Valhunds, aside from looking adorably like wolf corgis, are basically uncontrollable balls of energy who need to be given stuff to do or they'll cause problems. They're a very loyal breed, and a bit clownish, and very even-tempered. Mak is super excited about everything, and thinks Min and Celi are the best, but is always a bit sad that they sit so high up, and she can't hang out with them properly. She loves to fetch things.

Carolyn Knapp-Shappey -- Aleph (Hebrew, meaning 'alpha'), a Porcupine. Porcupines are prickly, and hard to approach, but are actually quite sweet deep down, and won't hurt you if you rub them the right way. They look after their children for a long time, and will puff themselves out to look bigger if threatened. Aleph is a grumpy old soul, and the other daemons of MJNAir know not to approach when his quills are puffed out.

Herc Shipwright-- Vega (from Arabic, meaning 'swooping eagle'), an arctic tern. Arctic terns are incredible long distance flyers, and have the record for the longest migration amongst the avian kingdom. They are quite competitive, and strut with their tail feathers in the air when trying to attract a mate. Vega is a suave sort of bird, who enjoys sparring with Aleph, and especially enjoys one-upping Min.

Princess Theresa Bonaventura of Liechtenstein-- Faris (from Arabic, meaning 'knight'), a Victoria Crowned Pigeon. Theresa wanted to fly when she was little, so I thought her daemon might settle into a bird, and but with a crown, because she is a princess after all. Victoria Crowned Pigeons are known for using an hurried gait as they walk around the forest floor, and for puffing out their chests and flapping their wings to intimidate, but rarely actually attack. Faris is a playful, silly sort of bird, who nonetheless carries himself in a dignified fashion when required, and likes to chase Celi around and do tricks for her.
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