The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Mid-Year Fic Roundup

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Back to Normal (Sherlock/Skyfall, Trio 'verse, PG-13) [4,245 words]
Someone On Your Side (Sherlock, PG) [2,670 words]
A Way Out (Sherlock/Skyfall, Trio verse, R) [2,302 words]
Proper Care (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, PG) [4,632 words]
Starting Again (Sherlock, R) [2,389 words]

Moving On (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, PG) [3,722 words]
Odd, but Good (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, PG) [5,567 words]
Counting Ants (Sherlock, PG) [2,236 words]
Carry On (Sherlock/Skyfall, Trio 'verse, PG-13) [4,671 words]

The Supply John Watson (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, PG) [2,575 words]
40 MPH (Sherlock, Alec 'verse, G) [1,765 words]
Wedding Duet: Pleasure of Your Company is Requested & A Reception Will Follow (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, PG-13) [10,088 words]
Countdown (Sherlock/Skyfall, Trio verse) [2,302 words]

Domestic Science (Sherlock, Abby verse, PG) [4,119 words]
A New Normal (Sherlock, Trio verse, PG) [6,880 words]
Cracks in the Illusion (MCU {Thor}, PG, for joonscribble) [2,095 words]

Luna di Miele (Sherlock, Alec 'verse, PG) [5,851 words]
Vigil (Sherlock, daemons AU, R) [3, 767 words]
The Affair of the Ladybird (Sherlock, PG, for frozen_delight) [2,471 words]
The Nail that Sticks Out (Sherlock, Abby verse, G) [4,115 words]

Modern Marvels (MCU {Avengers}, PG) [1,736 words]
Lessons Learned Trio (Sherlock, 'Trio verse, PG)
Codes [2,302 words]
Crabs [1,979 words]
Computers [2,589 words]
Tea and Sympathy (Sherlock, PG-13) [4,237 words]

Total word count: 89,069 words
# of stories: 24
Average Word Count: 3,711.2
Fandoms: Sherlock, Skyfall, Thor, The Avengers
Tags: fic roundup

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