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Avenger Daemons

joonscribble and I have been working away at a MCU daemon 'verse. You can see her excellent Captain America daemons here: First Avenger, Winter Soldier.

I've done the Avengers daemons. Below the cut is a list, with a bit of rambling about names and reasons.

Steve Rogers
Ishild ["Issie"] (Old Norse, meaning 'Ice battle')
a teddy roosevelt terrier
Teddies are small, but muscular terriers, with strong prey drives, and who leave tunnels and holes their wakes when on a mission. They are very territorial and protective, playful, and extremely loyal. Their breed standard allows for 'honorable scars resulting from field work'.

Tony Stark
Demira ["Mim"] (Turkish, from 'Demir', meaning 'iron')
a tailorbird
Tailorbirds are brightly coloured, tiny birds, who make unique nests by taking leafs, and sewing, lacing, matting, and riveting them together with spider silk, to make a sort of tunnel they live in. They use whatever materials are on hand, and can function with other materials if they ones they need aren't present.

Natasha Romanoff
Altan (Turkish, meaning 'red dawn')
a rainbow boa
Rainbow boas are strikingly beautiful snakes, who kill by winding around their enemies and squeezing them with their bodies.

Clint Barton
Jasna (Serbo-Croat, meaning 'clear, sharp')
a pearl kite.
Pearl kites are part of the raptor family (birds of prey) and like to sit on high perches and then swoop down on their quarry. They have very good eyes, strong feet, and sharp claws.

Bruce Banner
Nemi (Greek, from 'Nemesis', meaning 'righteous anger/vengeance')
a qinling panda/large green black bear (when The Other Guy appears).
Qinling pandas are a smaller, brown-furred, teddy-bear looking subspecies of giant panda. Pandas are solitary animals, who do not live in permanent homes, but instead wander their territory, and don't have regular social interactions. They have good spacial memory, and are very docile, but will attack if threatened.

Svana (Old Norse, form of 'Swanhild', meaning 'battle swan')
a manx loaghtan, albeit an alien, slightly larger variation.
Manx loaghtan were brought to the Isle of Man by the vikings, and have four-to-six horns. Sheep live in herds, and establish a hierarchy through threats, competitions, and fighting. They are close to their companions, and follow a leader. When fighting, they go in head first.

Phil Coulson
Athansia ("Attie") (Greek, meaning 'undying')
a German Shepherd.
GSDs are curious, intelligent dogs, with a strong desire to be given a purpose and a job to do. They can be gentle, but are very protective--sometimes overly--, and enjoy learning something new.

Nick Fury
Chariovalda (Ancient German, meaning 'army leader')
a black jaguar.
Jaguars are agile, muscled cats, with an ability to climb trees, swim, and run at great speeds. They can take on virtually any prey, and win, and prefer larger prey to small. They wait in silence, stalking their prey, and then attack and kill quickly. They like to attack from a blind spot.

Mara Hill
Vahan (Armenian, meaning 'shield')
crab-eating fox
Crab-eating foxes form teams to hunt down their prey, and adapt their hunting style to whatever their prey is. They live in deep burrows, with many entrances, and are very territorial.

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