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Memeage (Again)

I thought I'd do this again, because I like memes, and I wanted to do this one with an actor whose work I had a more thorough knowledge of. And it turns out, I have seen really rather a lot of Rufus Sewell's work.

Stolen once again from joonscribble

Pick an actor or actress you like and answer these questions. All questions are in reference to their work, not personal life.

What works of theirs have you seen?
The Pillars of the Earth
Eleventh Hour
The Holiday
Amazing Grace
Paris Je T'aime
The Illusionist
Tristan + Isolde
Shakespeare Re-told (The Taming of the Shrew)
The Legend of Zorro
The Last King
Helen of Troy
A Knight's Tale
Arabian Nights
The Very Thought of You
The Woodlanders
Cold Comfort Farm

Their best work?

I have to confess that some of these performances I don't remember, since I saw them a long time ago. I'm going to go with 'Eleventh Hour', because I thought he did such a great job of playing a scientist with a heart, who wasn't baffled by human nature or human beings. So often, scientific characters are portrayed as being so into science, they don't understand love. Jacob Hood is incredibly balanced in that regard, and a lot of that is in Rufus' warm portrayal of him. My favourite moment comes from the episode called 'Savant', when he's talking to an autistic girl, and communicating by drawing on the walls with her. He draws little stick figures of himself and her, with a little atom over his head because 'I like science'. It's very sweet, and very underplayed, and lovely.

Their worst work?

Uncorked was weird. Like, a perfectly pleasant, enjoyable movie with absolutely no point whatsoever. I watched it, enjoyed it, and went 'what the hell was that?'.

Their special skill?

Menacing. For all I love to see him be sweet and warm, dude can brood the hell out of shit. He can go from charming to ice cold in seconds, and it's really no wonder that he gets cast as the villain all the time.

Their weakness?

Unlike a lot of actors, I feel like Rufus could sell things a bit more. He has a very blank face a lot of the time, while his eyes menace away, and I think he could get more out of a scene by letting his face move a little. He's no Keanu Reeves, and I have seen that he does have the British Actor Facial Gymnastics in him. He just needs to bring it out a little more. Maybe play more roles where he has to smile.

Also, he has a weird laugh. We can't help how we laugh, but I'm just saying. It's a bit weird.

Most noticeable feature?

Those eyes. They are slightly reptilian, but the colour is amazing and he puts them to good use smouldering.

Their upcoming work you're looking forward to?

Erm. Just looking at his IMDB...I guess Hercules? It's got a good cast, for all it stars The Rock.

What role would you most like to see them in?

Oddly, I think Rufus would make a good father in a movie of After Hamelin by Bill Richardson. Unfortunately, I can't remember the character's name at the moment. Jankin? Haakon? Something like that. The story follows Penelope, who wakes up deaf on her eleventh birthday--the day the Pied Piper comes to Hamelin to pipe the children away. Unable able to follow because she can't hear the music, it's up to her to go into the dream world and rescue them. Her father is a harp maker, now getting on in years and suffering from arthritis (Rufus isn't that told, but this is set in a time when your 40's was getting up there). It's not a big role, but I think Rufus would do a great job with what there is there, and I'd like to see him play a dad. I really hope someone makes a movie of it. It's one of my favourite books.

Also, in my dream world, Rufus is my headcast for Brandon Forrester at John and Sarah's surgery.

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