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05 April 2014 @ 10:55 pm
Memeage (It's been awhile, huh?)  
Turns out I haven't memed in nearly two months. This must be remedied immediately! Especially since I've been battling migraines all month. I need a little memage in my life. My brain hurts. Yesterday I used the word 'drawned' in a story, and it took me quite awhile to realize why this wasn't a proper past tense.

Give me the name of a character I write or have written and I'll tell you:
-What they smell like
-How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc)
-What music they enjoy
-How much time they spend getting ready every morning
-Their favourite thing to collect
-Their family (siblings, parents, extended, etc.)
-A weird/obscure fear they have
-A secret skill

OCS and AUs welcome, as always.

Putting this here to make it easier to respond from my iPad if necessary:

In the past I have done: Anderson, Mummy Holmes, Arthur Shappey, Kevin Ryan, Molly Hooper, Sarah Sawyer, Abby Watson, and Sherlock Holmes.
shadowfireflameshadowfireflame on April 6th, 2014 03:20 pm (UTC)
Oooh ooh ooh, can you do Mycroft from the Trio-verse please?
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on April 6th, 2014 03:54 pm (UTC)

Mycroft Holmes

What they smell like: Mycroft uses the same aftershave as the other Holmes brothers, Mycroft and Sherlock because that's what their father gave them when they learned to shave, and Q because that's what Mycroft gave him. It has a fresh, clean, sharp scent. Mycroft's cologne is a very expensive classic, with notes of bergamot, English lavender, white pepper, and ginger in it. Neither scent is particularly strong or identifiable. Merely pleasant.
How they sleep: In Derek Rose silk pyjamas, after a small night cap. He sleeps on his back, with his hands folded over his chest, and his mobile within reach. A good three hours is enough to get him back on his feet, but he prefers five, just to have some wiggle room.
What music they enjoy: Having been spoon fed classical and opera since birth, those are Mycroft's preferred genres, though he rarely listens to music that isn't played live for him. He enjoys using the symphony as a meeting place for business. Something Sherlock calls sacrilege.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Approximately half an hour. Ten minutes to shower, and twenty to get dressed and shave. He shaves every morning, as he has the unfortunate problem of many men with Celtic heritage: ginger facial hair. Very unbecoming.
Their favourite thing to collect: Favours. His collection is extensive.
Their family:

Edward 'Siger' Holmes (father, deceased, former codebreaker)
Metrodora Violet Homes (mother, world traveller and hobbyist)
Sherlock Vernet Holmes (younger brother, 37, consulting detective and deathseeker)
[Name Redacted] Holmes (younger brother, 34, [profession redacted])

Also three cousins on his mother's side, all of whom are in professions that are useful to him.

A weird/obscure fear they have: It's not precisely a fear, but Mycroft often has nightmares where he's trying to speak a foreign language and utterly failing at it. His daytime linguistic skills are very good, however.
A secret skill: He has no patience for it, but if he sets his mind to it, he is quite an accomplished artist. Many years with Grand-maman as the sole focus of her attention means quite the education in art.
shadowfireflameshadowfireflame on April 6th, 2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, this is lovely. Ginger facial hair!!! Aww! I love that he has cousins in "professions that are useful to him." Poor Sherlock the "deathseeker," haha. :)

Thanks very much! I love this verse a lot.
The Writer They Call Tayawanderingbard on April 6th, 2014 11:37 pm (UTC)
I like to think Mycroft toyed with a beard at one point, and was very disappointed to discover that his Holmesian black hair was tempered with Mummy's ginger hair on his face.

I love that he has cousins in "professions that are useful to him."

They may or may not make an appearance at some point, if convenient. :-D

Thanks very much! I love this verse a lot.

Thank you! I'm always happy to share my headcanon. I have far more than I ever use. :-)