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Today, in 'Does Benedict Cumberbatch Ever Sleep?' news...

For those who like a little Cumberbatch talking in the background, Radio 4 has two new adaptations of Rumpole up this week. Cumberbatch plays the title character, who is a...solicitor? Barrister? Lawyer-type person at the Bailey. They are sort of Perry Mason-esque, but not as noirish.

They aren't the first ever done, so you might be a little lost if you don't know them. A quick summary would be: Hilda=Rumpole's demanding wife (also known as 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' or 'She Who Must'), Nicholas=their son, who is four-years old now, and Erskine-Brown=that guy at the office that no one likes.

I've listened to the first, which was quite good. You can find them both here. There are three and four days left to listen, and all Radio 4 content is available anywhere in the world. You don't need to be a UK citizen to stream.

Warnings for sexism accurate for the era in which it's set (1960's).
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity

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