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Adventures in Set Design: Lincolnshire Edition

I had a lot of time on my hands when I was sick where all I could really do was click and stare open mouthed at a computer screen. So, I used this time to work on the Holmes Mansion in Lincolnshire, as seen in 'Pox', 'Carry On', and 'No Rest'. Actually, just the first floor, because the ground floor rooms I've mostly found visual references for. You can see them on my Trio Pinboard.

Aerial to start:

Lincolnshire Aerial

The small room at the top is the turret, which I didn't fill up, because it has a picture. Clockwise from the top left we have Q's room, the Master Bedroom, a dressing room, the master loo, an empty cupboard, the main loo, Mycroft's room, Sherlock's room and Sherlock and Q's shared loo.

The big empty box on the bottom is the kitchen extension on the ground floor; the programme shows the bottom levels when you move to top ones.

Q's Room

Lincolshire Q Lincolshire Q03

These rooms are all their grown-up versions, as seen in No Rest, when the boys have all moved out. Their childhood versions would probably be a bit different. Q's room was the hardest, because I had a strong image of it in my head. And this is mostly it, though the colours, as usual, are a bit weird. The green shouldn't be quite so green. Q is a green character, though. The wavey shelf in the first picture is a bookshelf with a seat built into it. I figure someone probably built it for him, maybe Grandfather Holmes. I tried to give a nod to the Sherlock love of wallpaper in this house, because it suited it. Q's room isn't very cluttered, and he's taken the paneling off the walls for a more modern look.

Sherlock's Room

Lincolshire Sherlock

Blue and grey were my Sherlocky colours, very neutral and simple. I don't picture Sherlock being in his room very much, so it's not terribly personal. He was more off doing things. I gave him a little science area, with a stool at the desk for experiments. His furniture is a bit more Victorian than Q's, but he took down his paneling, too.

Mycroft's Room

Lincolnshire Mycroft02 Lincolnshire Mycroft

Mycroft kept his paneling, and his furniture is all very Victorian and heavy, with a more modern look in the fabrics. I stuck with just shades of grey for him. The second door leads to the loo, which, actually, I later took out to have more room, so...erm, that is a door that officially goes nowhere. It takes too long to rerender anything. Maybe it's nailed shut now, and is just there for decoration. I put his bed on that wall because I have an idea that Sherlock's wall is scuffed from him kicking it when Mycroft is in bed, trying to sleep.

Main Loo (AKA Mycroft's Loo)

Lincolshire Main Loo

The mirror didn't reflect properly, so this is the best view I could get of it. This is officially Mycroft's loo, unless the other boys want a bath. Otherwise they would use their shared loo, which was too small to render.

Master Bedroom

Lincolshire Master Lincolshire Master02"

Mummy's room, which was also quite vivid in my mind. Especially the red. There's a fireplace on the wall, which is hard to make out, and a nice Victorian fainting couch. The bedside table came predecorated, so I stuck a photo of Siger in the frame. The dresser is the one Q mentions in 'Carry On', where Siger's wooden box was. The carpet rendered wrong, it should be a swirly red one, not brown.

Master Loo

Lincolshire Master Loo

Master Loo, reached by going through the dressing room, which is big enough to render, but a bit too boring to bother with. Sorry for the black dots, glass sometimes goes weird in the rendering.
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