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Adventures in Set Design: Nice Edition

Haven't done one of these in a while, since I got my new laptop. So, here is the Holmes family beach house/condo in Nice, as talked about in 'Lost for Words', and seen in 'Clouds and Ashes', and 'Happy Birthday', and one fic that has gone epic and I'm not even sure if anything will come of it, or I just need to get it out of my system. It's the reason I went back to work on this, though.


Cond Aerial

I actually fussed around with the layout for ages before I settled on this one. I had a very clear idea of what the living room, kitchen and deck looked like, but the rest I had to mess around with to get enough room for all family members to visit, which, at maximum, would need to be about seven people. There was an upstairs at one point, but I didn't like it, and I ended up settling on a room of bunk beds for the boys, because it amused me to think of my Trio Holmes' trying to sleep in the same room.

I can't do it with the programme, but the beach would come right up to the house, and the front of the house is 'higher' than the back, in that the sand would slope down from a little parking area in the front.

Living Room/Kitchen
Condo Condo02

This area was very clear in my head, with the darker colours, the black marble counters in the kitchen, and the area leading to the master bedroom on the right, with the big windows to see out to the sea beyond. The recessed living room came a little later, but I liked it as it felt like it made the room a bit bigger. I also have a mental image of Sherlock doing front somersaults from the top level onto the couch on the bottom one, and possibly throwing a small Q onto the couch for fun. There are only four chairs in the kitchen because that's what the model came with, but I have justified it in that Siger probably didn't come as often, and Sherlock probably didn't eat, and they went out to the patio when it was nice, or brought chairs in or ate in the living room if it wasn't.

Master Bed and Bath
Condo07 Condo06 Condo08

The colours don't ever render quite right in this programme; it tends to wash them out, but these rooms at least look about right. The loo rendered really weird, I'm sorry about the black dots. You also can't see the splendor of the bath in all it's glory, but it's a pretty awesome bath. The picture over the bed is one of Dora's paintings.

Second Bedroom

As usual, there should be blinds and rugs and stuff in all the rooms. Also probably some lamps. This room has a little ensuite, but I didn't bother to render it as it's very small, and not completely finished. There's also a little closet. The picture over the bed is one that came with the programme, and is just a placeholder for something more appropriate.


This room was really hard to capture, as it's quite full. Basically, there are two sets of bunk beds, double beds over double beds, and two dressers. Mycroft and Q shared one set, Sherlock was relegated to sleep on his own after it was discovered that whether he was on top or bottom, or with either brother, he still managed to be a nuisance. Moving him only helped slightly. The room is more of a minty colour, but it rendered sort of grey.

Main Loo

All the doors in the house would have frosted glass, but they are clear here because that's how they're rendered.


There was a rendering error that made the front planes of the deck white; they should be wood. Those chaises turn into a chair and ottoman, by moving the sections around. Dora paints next to them.
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