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Meet Josh

I'm trying to figure out Alec's best friend, Josh, for narrative purposes (wedding fic, yay), and so I turned to my trusty OC character building memes. One for Josh, and the shippy meme for Josh and his husband, Rupert, to build up his life and personality a bit more in my mind.

Josh teaches Geography, and looks vaguely like Colin O'Donaghue. Rupert is a chef and looks like Simon Woods. Reed is a child, and looks like himself.

Posting it for posterity, feel free to ignore.

Josh Drezler

What they smell like: Josh wears "Spicebomb" Cologne, by Victor and Rolf. It's...strong. Rupert claims he smells like an accident at an Indian restaurant. Josh takes that as a compliment.
How they sleep: Very soundly, in boxer shorts, closest to the door of the bedroom. They used to co-sleep with Reed, but he's moved into his big boy bed, now. Most of the time. Some mornings he wakes up with Reed somehow wiggled between him and Rupert.
What music they enjoy: He's a bit of a rocker at heart, but he mostly prefers silence, after long days of the crap music played between classes at school, and trying to be heard over earbuds blaring out N-Dubz at top volume.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: 45-minutes, including the time it takes to attempt to get Reed ready, and then waiting while Rupert 'fixes' what he's done.
Their favourite thing to collect: Maps. He really likes old maps.
Their family:
Sam Drezler (father, semi-estranged, but it's getting better)
Maggie Drezler (mother, semi-estranged, but has always snuck in phone calls when Dad wasn't around)
Benji Drezler (younger brother, who prefers to be called Ben now, but that's his problem, not Josh's)

Rupert Jones (husband, a chef)
Reed Drezler-Jones (adopted son, four-years old)

Linas and Roslija Jones (formerly Jonahauskis, they anglicised it when they came to Britain from Lithuania) (father and mother-in law, electrician and seamstress)
Victoria Jones (sister-in-law, hearing therapist)

A weird/obscure fear they have:You know when you're opening a roll of Pillsbury dough, and the crack pops open with a bang? Josh fucking hates that.
A secret skill: Is extremely good at whistling. Seriously, he can whistle full symphonies.

big spoon/little spoon: They are pretty equal in who spoons who. It mostly depends on who falls asleep first.
favorite non-sexual activity: having dinner with friends
what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: The Great British Bake-Off, Come Dine With Me, Top Gear, and a lot of football, for Josh, more so than Rupert, who cheers in support of whichever team Josh is supporting, but doesn't really care. Rupert likes cricket. Josh is not as supportive of this as Rupert is about the football.
who uses all the hot water: Rupert. He is slightly OCD about cleanliness.
most trivial thing they fight over: How many days in a row it is acceptable to wear the same pair of trousers, which amounts to 'none' (Rupert) and 'til they don't look clean any more' (Josh)
who cooks normally?: Josh cooks more, as Rupert is at the restaurant, cooking for the masses, and Josh is home, feeding himself and Reed. Rupert does all the cooking when he is home, though.
who kissed who first?: Rupert kissed Josh, in the one and only time he's done anything impulsive in his life. He did not regret it.
who does most of the cleaning: Rupert does all the cleaning. He can't help himself. Nothing is allowed to become messy in the first place, as Rupert cleans it up immediately when it occurs. He has been known to take plates out of Josh and Reed's hands before they are done eating. He's trying to tone it down, however, after Reed informed an employee in a grocery store that he needed to clean up a spill because 'it's making Daddy upset'.
who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Rupert, before Josh decides he can totally fix it himself.
who remembers anniversaries: They both do. They just have slightly different ideas of which days those anniversaries are on.
How often do they fight?: They have an argument at least once a week about how to raise their child, but it's never vicious or long lasting, and neither ever walks away truly angry. Big, actual fights are pretty rare.
What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Josh hangs out with Alec and plays video games. Rupert visits his parents, or his friends.
Nicknames for each other?: Rupert sometimes calls Josh 'kitten', which Josh pretends he doesn't like, but really does. Josh sticks to 'love' for Rupert.
Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: They've always split dinner bills.
Who steals the covers at night?: Neither. Josh is always too hot, so he lets Rupert have them. It's not stealing.
What would they get each other for gifts?: Video games and books for Josh. Josh hunts down weird ingredients and recipe books for Rupert. He's also the only person in the world who enjoys getting cleaning supplies as presents.
Who swears more?: They are about equal, though Rupert favours Lithuanian swear words (his parents are immigrants), which he claims 'don't count'. Josh uses Yiddish when Reed is around.
What would they do if the other one was hurt?: Josh would handle it better than Rupert, who is too much of a worrier to be calm. They would most likely send Reed to Alec, and stay with the other until they were better.
Who started the relationship?: Technically, Alec's dad. Josh kept coming into the kitchen at the Thornton restaurant to flirt with Rupert (who worked there) on his visits with Alec (free food is the best food), until Mr Thornton lost his patience and told him to 'ask him on a date, for the love of God'. Incidentally, Josh told Alec the same thing when he'd heard enough about 'the coffee shop girl'.
Toughest decision they've made?: Having a kid. It's not an easy route to go for a same-sex couple, and they had to decide if they wanted a surrogate, or to try and adopt. Reed was meant to be theirs, though. They both agree on that.
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