December 3rd, 2021

Dresden: Harry magicking

Oh no!

Continuing in a our 'oh dear' saga of late, we have a problem with our bathroom. I was having a shower the other day and there was water dripping through the basement ceiling, which is obvs not good. The plumber came today to take a look and couldn't see what was going on without cutting a giant hole in the wall, so doesn't really know how bad the damage is. And it comes down to the fact that we're already having issues with our tub (which has jets in it that are falling) and the wall crumbling a little, and he suggested if we're planning on replacing or renovating, we're better off doing that than him coming in and cutting a hole in the wall for a temporary fix. Which we agree with. But now we don't have a bathtub. And that is one of the main sources for pain relief for me, so that's not good. Especially since I'm still in a bad flare of stones. And we don't know how long a renovation would take or when it might be completed and it's Christmas time, and my dad has also hurt his back, so my mom is the only real functional member of our family and even that is kind of iffy at best.

On the bright side, we do have a shower in the basement, though we haven't used it in many years since we originally put it in because there were four of us trying to get ready in the mornings and now no one is getting ready in the mornings, so we don't need it. But we can clean it out and such. And, you know, these are first world problems and there is so much worse going on in the world right now. But it does seem like one thing after another here lately. This all in the middle of the worst surge of COVID we've had during the whole pandemic in my area of the province. Still not a big surge comparatively, but for us, quite alarming.

Anyway, I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your Thanksgiving and/or Hanukah celebrations! We have been enjoying the holiday TVS very much, which is a nice distraction for us.

ETA: After some brainstorming, we think we might be able to run a hose up from the laundry sink to the bathtub through the laundry chute quite easily, and fill the tub that way. A bit of a hassle, but at least available in an emergency. This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.