May 8th, 2021

Dresden: Harry magicking


Hello all! I hope you are doing well. It's been kidney stone central here again, unfortunately. I passed a huge 5mm stone and then a bunch of littler stones have followed. Thankfully, the pain wasn't too awful, there was only one period of about three hours where I was in that 'I don't know what to do with myself' state. Otherwise it's been more 'this is very unpleasant, but I can distract myself from it' and 'man, I am FULL of adrenaline today! Whooo! Listen to that heart pound!'. Not sure what changed, if anything, but hopefully it's just a little flair. I suspect it may be due to missing massages for about a month because of a series of unfortunate events. It hasn't been pleasant and am I very tired and not sure it's over yet, but fingers crossed.

Pax is also having a rough go of it. We're not sure what happened, but we think something must have spooked him outside, because he's been really reluctant to go out and having accidents in the house, which is not like him. Once we got him trained, he never had a problem. But we've had to give him a day in the kitchen to settle down and go back to the basics of going out with him and encouraging him, since he's so nervous. He seems better now, though. Poor boy. He hates the rain and it's been raining almost every day for two weeks now, so that may be playing a part. When he goes out in the rain, he has to stop halfway to hide under the barbecue where it's dry to steel himself up. Which is both adorable and heart breaking.

In better news, I have been playing Lord of The Rings Online again and really enjoying it. I used to play it several years ago, but it wouldn't work on Issie, so I've installed it now that I have Flynn. It's likw World of Warcraft set in the world of LOTR and is a lot of fun. The community is, on the whole, pretty chill and kind, though you do see some nastiness here and there. For the most part, though, chat is always trying to help each other out and making jokes and discussing lore. So, that's been a lot of fun. I'm also getting my singing voice back in shape again. I had an awful chest virus a few years ago and couldn't sing without coughing for several months and the time lost there really messed with my breath support and head voice. But it's starting to finally come back, so that's nice.

Hope you all are doing well and if you are celebrating Mother's Day you have a nice one, in a manner safe for your current state of vaccination. This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.