January 1st, 2016

MCU: Peggy

Peggy Carter's long lost relative?

I was talking to someone yesterday about video/computer games I enjoyed when I was younger, and one of the ones I mentioned was No One Lives Forever, which is a FPS/stealth game set in 1960’s England, where you play a female spy who is working for a secret organization to keep world peace, fighting against an evil secret organization who is trying to take over the world.

And I was talking about how the protagonist, Cate Archer, is really cool, because she’s a woman and none of the men she works with thinks she can do her job well, but she’s actually more capable than most of them, and she uses the discrimination to her advantage by making people underestimate her, and that’s when I realized Cate Archer is 1960’s Peggy Carter.

Also, most of Cate’s gadgets sound like they could have been invented by Howard Stark, some of which include:
— lipsticks that are actually weapons
— a compact mirror that is a decoder
— a hair barrette that is also a lock pick and/or poison dagger
— sunglasses that take pictures and spot mines
— a belt buckle with a zip cord on
— bottles of perfume with various sleeping gases and the like

I know all this sounds like I’m heading into weird fic territories again, but I’m not, I swear. I was just amused by the thought Cate looking on Peggy as a sort of inspiration, and UNITY (Cate’s agency) being an off-shoot of SHIELD.

My brother got the game for me for Christmas (?) one year, and it was a special edition with a ST CD, and the music is very cool. I especially liked Cate's James Bond-esque theme song.

There are plenty of playthroughs on youtube, if anyone is interested in the games. There are two of them, but unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, and there are rights issues that prevent re-releases, so unless you have access to an older computer, I don't think you could get the games to run yourself. Which is a shame, because they were silly and a lot of fun.