December 23rd, 2015

MCU: Angie

Agent Carter/Skyfall: People Who Like Each Other

Title: People Who Like Each Other
Characters: Angie, Peggy, Howard, Jarvis, Bond
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: slight innuendo, passing mentions of war wounds
Spoilers: A few general ones for Agent Carter Season One
Pairings: Angie/Bond
Word Count 7,892
Summary: Angie’s attempts at a Very British Christmas don’t go quite to plan, but luckily there are people who like each other around to help make it a memorable day anyway.
Author's notes: Follows Ships in the Night, The Second Threat, and Next Time, Dinner, but I don’t think those need to be read to follow this at all. This was one of the fics salvaged from the Great Flash Drive Disaster of 2015, and I’ve managed to get it done for Christmas! Go me. I tossed Bond in here, because this will probably all be AU once Season Two of Agent Carter rolls in, anyway. I haven’t seen Spectre, and won’t until it hits DVD, but this isn’t canon anyway, so I don’t think it matters if there are any discrepancies.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a lovely one, and that everyone who doesn’t has a lovely break, too.

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