July 24th, 2015

MCU: Peggy

Agent Carter/Skyfall: Ships in the Night

Title: Ships in the Night
Characters: Angie, Peggy, Bond, Jarvis, Sousa
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: some violence, lots of sexual badinage, quite a lot of female gaze
Spoilers: Oblique references to Skyfall, general spoilers for Agent Carter Season One
Pairings: heavy Angie/Bond flirting
Word Count 9,142
Summary: Angie is given care of a cute drugged British spy that Peggy brings home, and has a little adventure along the way.
Author's notes: This is one of the less weird results of the crossover memes joonscribble and I did a while back. Her memes kept throwing Angie and James Bond together, and we both decided that sounded like an interesting concept. So, I wrote a story.

The characters refused to do what I originally had planned, and it went slightly odd on me. I hope it's okay. This is also the longest I've ever tried to sustain a Bond voice, and he's very finicky. I hope he's all right as well.

To help my brain, I've simply placed the James Bond universe in the 1940s, rather than involving time travel. I've done my best to patch it over to work. This story takes place post-Skyfall.

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