June 21st, 2015

MCU: Howard Stark

Agent Carter/Iron Man: Paris in Spring (3/?)

Title: Paris in Spring (3/?)
Characters: Howard Stark, Maria Carrera, Edwin Jarvis, Dernier, Falsworth, a few OCs
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Triggers: swearing, some discussion of sad things, lots of sex and innuendo (nothing explicit)
Spoilers: Nothing specific, but generalized for various backstories of the characters involved
Pairings: Howard/Maria
Word Count 2,902
Summary: When the press starts to close in on Howard and Maria's new relationship, Howard whisks Maria off to Paris see if he can convince her to stick around.
Author's notes: The lindy hop that Howard and Maria do here probably looks something like this, though not quite as elaborate. I'm not sure if the move names would have been used during Howard's day, or if they were invented to describe them when the lindy revival in the 80's happened, but to make things easier, he's using the move names. A 'sidecar' looks like this, for reference.


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