April 15th, 2014

CP: Arthur is happy - a lot

More Set Pics (Now with 100% more Celebrities)

My brother sent me some photos that he took yesterday, where Crimson Peak (or 'Haunted Peak', as the director's chairs say) was filming outside his office building.

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Thus concludes my adventures. I'm very sorry for the squee, but you have to understand that we live in a very small town, and nothing exciting ever happens here. This is the biggest thing I can ever remember happening. It's very cool.
SHERLOCK: Sherlock cameo

Lost for Words: Deleted Scene

While I was moving some files from my old computer to new, found my 'Lost for Words' file folder, and the deleted chapters from it. I posted one previously, and...here's another deleted chapter as I wait for my 16,000 photos (not an exaggeration) to be moved.

Background: this one takes place directly after the one I previously posted. There is a third deleted chapter, but I've never been particularly happy with it. This chapter was the one I was the most sad to lose, because it has some Molly and Sherlock interaction that I'm fond of, and also has some of Violet actually doing her job, which I'm not sure ever made it into the actual fic. But when I switched focus to it being mostly about John, these bits felt unnecessary. Bits and pieces have been rearranged, snipped out and used elsewhere in the final version, so some of it may seem familiar.

Refresher, since it's been quite a while: in the previous deleted scene, Sherlock and John went to a crime scene, Sherlock made friends with a dog, John remembered Sherlock was supposed to have a speech therapy session with Violet, Sherlock rang Violet and then announced he was going to 'school', and John didn't know what 'school' meant.

And also since it's been a while: the full, finished fic is here.

Unbeta'd and Brit-picked, and I went back through and regressed Sherlock's speech a few times before I posted the final version, so it's better here than it should be. About 3,000 words.

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