April 14th, 2014

MISC: Tom (or Alec)

Walking in the (potential) footsteps of Tom Hiddleston...

I saw a film set today! Very, very randomly Crimson Peak is filming in my hometown tomorrow, and they've been building the set all week. I dropped by today to take a look. My aunt stopped in on Wednesday, so I have some of her photos from previous stages of set building, and I took some pictures today.

I don't know if Tom Hiddleston is in the scenes they're filming tomorrow and, after doing some serious agonizing, I have elected not to go down and see if I can watch. As interesting as I think it would be, and even with the potential chance to meet him, I don't think it's good form. I think it's a distraction for the actors. And I'm not sure if I'd even be able to get close; it took us ten minutes to find a road into the area that hadn't been blocked. Surprisingly, they allowed us right up to the actual set, though. But I doubt they will tomorrow.

Besides, I'm so very afraid if I did get to meet him, I'd fall down or say something like "I like to build houses for fictional versions of you to live in."

Anyway, it's terribly cool what they've done, and there are some pictures below the cut for those who may be interested.

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All in all, totally worth battling my migraine for.

ETA: I found out the market has a webcam! I could take a peek, thought I. They've disabled it for the day. Well played, film crew.

ETA 2: Word from my brother, who went down today: Mia Wasikowka was the only actress there. They were filming outside where he works, so he was able to watch the filming, and get a video of one of the takes. Amalie spoke to the AD and she said Tom Hiddleston is on a flight back to Canada. She took a picture of Ama in her Loki hoodie and sent to it him, though, as the AD said he'd get a kick out of it. :-D My brother's going to send me some photos to add to my collection.