January 8th, 2014

DW: Ten - 'brainy specs activate'

Success and a Bunny

Made (and I do mean made, she was very reluctant) Mum watch the Tennant/Tate "Much Ado About Nothing", and she loved David Tennant (and the play), and has now agreed to give Doctor Who a go. Success! I have warned her he doesn't come in until Series Two, but she wants to watch from the beginning, so she will understand the plot. Nerd conversion is going very well. *evil wiggly fingers*

In other news, someone left a comment on "An Interesting Puzzle" on AO3, suggesting a sequel where Mycroft looks on 221B as a sort of field hospital and directs agents there. My little AU brain immediately thought of Bond being sent to 221B, and Q and Sherlock fighting over his earpiece while John quietly performs surgery on the coffee table. Which is not exactly as prompted, but...I kind of like the idea.

Stupid AU brain.