November 20th, 2013

DH: Random Happenstance


My mum accused me of garfling today, and it got me thinking about something. Does anyone else have words or phrases that are unique to their family, or at least not commonly heard where you grew up?

My family words:
Garfle -- to mess up a basket of folded laundry in search of an item near the bottom.
Chuff -- what the printer does when it keeps spitting paper out with one or two characters on it.
Gros pitune -- an overweight person, who is nonetheless adorable
Nose draft -- the window in the back of a van that only opens slightly
"Get in the car, Martha!" -- a phrase stemming from a vacation my parents took where there was an older gentlemen bellowing at his wife to 'get in the picture, Martha!', which was apparently funny enough to become a catchphrase between them. Now used to tell someone to hurry up.
"Nothing broke!" -- called upon creating a loud noise, stemming from my klutzy tendencies as a child and my assurances that no assistance was required.