June 25th, 2013

Sherlock: piratelock

Lost for Words Deleted Scene

I had a period of time when I was writing Lost for Words where I was very stuck, and just kept writing to keep going. I ended up with three extra chapters, which were highly condensed into the end of Chapter Ten in the finished story. They basically explore Sherlock's going back to work, and his speech therapy sessions. They didn't contribute to the plot, and it was mostly a way for me to get a feel for Sherlock interacting with the world again. When the focus of the story changed from Sherlock's injury to how John reacted to Sherlock's injury, they were no longer needed. Plus, I wasn't happy with the mystery and feel the vaguer I went the better. Still, I thought I'd share one of them, because they are still hanging around.

This was written well before the final draft, so it has been neither beta'd nor Brit-pricked. I also wrote by having Sherlock's speech relatively coherent, and then going back repeatedly to make it more realistic, until I felt I had the right balance of true to life, but not hard to read. So, this is a middle edit, and Sherlock's speech is better than it should be. I stole bits and pieces and put them in the final version, so some of it may be familiar.

About 3,500 words and has some blood and corpses in it.

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