April 22nd, 2012

Dresden: Harry magicking

It's time to play the music...

I finally watched the new Muppet movie last night with my Mum. My cheeks hurt by the end from smiling so much. It was just the loveliest, happiest thing!

I'm a bit too young for the original Muppet show and it's reruns, but I remember watching Muppet Babies and being allowed to stay up late on Friday nights to watch Muppets Tonight.

Anyway, my first instinct when watching anything with singing is to see how it's translated into French. Because I'm weird like that. So I back-translated the French version of "The Rainbow Connection". Because I'm weird like that.

The second verse is vaguely disturbing in French, but the third verse is just gorgeous.

You can listen and see Kermit singing it here.

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