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OC Memeage (the best kind)

I needed some memeage, so...ta da.

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

Characters playing:
Alec Thornton
Metrodora Holmes
Sarah Sawyer

Sarah's not technically 'my own' character, but I think I've expanded her enough to qualify as semi-OC.

Not gonna tag anyone, but please feel free to play if you'd like.

1. What's your favorite food?

Alec: Anything with dad's spaghetti sauce on it. Gigi used to send me jars of it when I was in uni. I put it on everything. It saved a lot of money on food.
Dora:Gibassier. I eat far too much of it when I'm in France.
Sarah: Anything I don't have to make.

2. Are you a virgin?

Alec: Er, no.
Dora: I have three sons and am not the Madonna. Use your brain.
Sarah: I haven't been able to honestly answer yes since the school disco in Seventh Year. Sorry, Mum. I might have lied a little about that.

3. What kind of movies do you watch?
Alec: Any kind of films, really. I like Sci Fi. And zombies. I watch a lot of rom coms with Molly.
Dora: I sometimes put the classic film channel on as background noise, but I don't particularly care for films. I prefer theatre.
Sarah: Historical dramas and romantic comedies. John has the most fun picking them apart, so they are the most fun to watch.

4. Are you married?

Alec: No. ...not yet.
Dora: I'm widowed. It would take quite a remarkable man to get me to considering marrying again.
Sarah: Yes, to John Watson. Yes, that John Watson. Yes, the one who works with Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Sherlock's really like that in real life. No, you don't wish you could meet him.

5. Have you ever gotten drunk before?

Alec: Yeah, more than once. I tend to be the person in charge of getting people home safely, though, so I don't do it often.
Dora: On three separate occasions, all of them justified.
Sarah: Hoo, yes. Not lately, but...yes.

6. Your best friend?

Alec: Josh Drezler, my friend from uni. He teaches Geography to high school students. His son, Reed, is my godson, and I was best man and his and his husband's wedding.
Dora: I don't socialize very often, but I was quite close to my sister, and I have had a pen-pal since childhood whom I still exchange letters with.
Sarah: Angela. She's my go-to person. And John, as cliche as that is.

7. What is your favorite word?
Alec: Recess.
Dora: Parapluie.
Sarah: Sphygmomanometer

8. What song was sung to you when you were a child as you went to sleep?
Alec: My dad sang a lot of Led Zeppelin. He still sings a lot of Led Zeppelin. Especially while frying things. It's a bit disconcerting, actually. I don't think Gigi sang anything to me. I think would have been too old for lullabies then.
Dora: 'A La Claire Fontaine'. That was both Mycroft and Sherlock's favourite, incidentally. Trevelyan preferred "By the Light of the Silvery Moon".
Sarah: "Dream a Little Dream of Me".

9. How would you describe your voice?
Alec: I don't know. British? Like my dad's. People have told me it's soothing, but I don't know if that's true.
Dora: I've somehow picked up an RP accent, despite my years away from England. My father's fault, I imagine. I overpronunce my H's because otherwise I forget to put them in. My voice is deeper when I speak French, but I've no idea why.
Sarah: Not too annoying, I don't think. It used to be a bit more Norwich, but I've gone quite London, I'm afraid. John says he knows I'm really angry when I start sounding like a farmer.

10. What was the best day or moment of your life?
Alec: The moment I was hired on as a teacher of my own class, not just supply work. That was the best moment. So far. That or, when I got Molly to smile back at me in the coffee shop. They both filled me with an equal amount of excitement.
Dora: The day Sherlock came back from the dead. Not just to have him back, but to see the boys working so nicely together to help each other was lovely.
Sarah: Abby's birth. Hand's down.
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