September 23rd, 2009

BB: Oh No!

Oh dear

Poor Shilling. I forgot to take him for a walk yesterday, and I was going to take him for a walk a few minutes ago. He's so cute when you put his leash on:


So, I put the leash on and go to find some walking shoes. In the time it takes me to go down the hall and back, it starts to rain. I think, 'well, it's not that bad, I could just take an umb-' and it starts to pour.

I apologize to Shill and take his leash off. He's like:


I take my shoes off and he's still dancing around. I go the basement and he's all:


So, now I'm at the computer, typing this tale and Shilling has come downstairs and trotted up to me.

"This is a weird place for a walk, why are you sitting down, can we go now? No? We aren't going are we?"

Poor Shilling.