July 30th, 2008

Dresden: Harry magicking

You can dance, you can jive...

So, I finally got to see Mama Mia! tonight.

We were going to see it while we were at the cottage, since my mum's birthday was on the 16th and it was opening on the 18th, I was going to treat her to it as a present. However, the movie theatre in the closest town to where we were wasn't showing it. So, no Mama Mia!. Yesterday, we decided to see the 7:00pm showing. So, we get there and the parking lot is full. The theatre is at a mini-mall, so there's lots of parking, but we're about a three minute walk from the doors. It's also very hot. We walk up and up and up to the theatre and just before we hit the traffic circle, an older lady stops us and says 'are you going to see Mama Mia!?'. We say we are and she informs us the show is sold out. It's cheap night, so we figure it's just busy because of that. So, we go and get dinner (which was another minor fiasco) and come home, deciding we don't want to go for the 9:50pm showing. We decided to come to the matinee today, since it should be less busy and my mum has the day off. The matinee is at 4:00pm.

My brother and his fiancée moved into a new apartment yesterday and then moved Amalie's brother out to his own place (he had been living with them). They both work nights and the cable guy was coming today. They had asked me to come and let the guy in if he hadn't come by 3:00pm. So, our going to the movies depends on whether the cable guy arrives. At around noon today, I call Adam's cell phone, since they're own phone isn't hooked up yet. The couch rings. He's forgotten his cell phone at our place. So, they have no phone, no cell phone and no internet by which to contact them. My dad gets home and takes Amalie the cell phone, which I call. She tells me to just go to the movies and not worry about it. I lie down for a nap before the show starts.

I wake up at quarter to three. My mum is on the couch and informs me not to bother getting ready. Adam has come and taken the van, leaving us his car. We don't have a key for his car. She's called him and he feels very bad, so he offers to buy us tickets for the 7:00pm showing on his way back from downtown. He does so.

We leave around 6:00pm and I drop by the drugstore to pick up a prescription I had called in. It's not ready, they have no record of my asking it to be ready nor do they have any idea what to do about it. They tell me to hang on while they 'investigate'. I decide one day isn't going to hurt me and I am determined to make it to the movie, so I say I'll be back tomorrow. We get to the theatre and it is packed. For one brief moment, I am sure there aren't two seats together in the upper tier and we'll have to sit in the very close seats. But, someone higher than me on the stairs points out two sets of two seats on the other side and I manage to nab a pair. By the time the movie starts, the show is sold out and many people are marching up and down the stairs giving you dirty looks for arriving on time and having the audacity to have decent seats. If I had stayed to get my meds, though, we wouldn't have gotten seats in the upper tier.

However, after all the trials and tribulations, the movie was excellent. Reviewers be damned, we had a blast. It's always nice to see a movie in a full theatre and everyone laughed and cheered and sang and there was very rousing round of applause by the whole theatre at the end. It was a great, great time. My mum wants to see it again. I think it will take a small miracle for us to get there a second time.