December 30th, 2007

Dresden: Harry magicking


Does anyone have a source for decent due South screencaps/pictures? Most of the ones I've found are so-so quality. I don't need giant hi-rez ones, but I would like some non-fuzzy ones. Especially of Fraser in his civvies. Figures that I finally have a DVD-ROM and now I have no due South DVDs on hand to cap.
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Dresden Files: Generations

Title: Generations
Rating: G
'Verse: TV/Book hybrid
Spoilers: Features a book character, McCoy, but no book plot spoilers.
Word count: 2301
Summary: Harry and the kids make a visit to the ranch. Set in my Family Dynamics 'verse. Features the mini!Dresdens.
Author's notes: Written for donutsweeper, who asked for McCoy and Harry's kids interacting. It sort of ran away from me and is a bit longer than I intended.

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