November 2nd, 2007

Dresden: Harry magicking

Translation: Je Crois

I used to do a lot of translating on my personal journal, but I don't get around to posting on that as much as I used to, and, since this is my writing journal and translation counts as writing, I figured I'd post this here. I had an urge to translate today.

This song is the Euro French translation of 'I'll Try' from the Disney Movie 'Return to Neverland'. 'I'll Try' is one of my favourite songs, period, despite it coming from a meh sort of movie. The lyrics are beautiful and Johnatha Brooke does a wonderful job with them. I have 6 versions of the song - English, French, Icelandic, Swedish, German and Dutch - the later four I don't understand, but they still sound gorgeous. Anyway, I love the song, obviously, and it just makes sense to me. So, the English version lyrics can be found here. And here is the French version, with translation. I don't have an MP3 of it handy, or I would post it. The English version can be heard on a few Dresden Files music videos on youtube (here). I don't know how well the videos are done, but the song is worth listening to.

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As a side note, if anyone has any French they're curious about or would like translated, I'm more than happy to give it a go. French is one of my obsessions. :-D