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Translation: La Quete

Listening to this today, thought I'd do some translating.

LA QUETE(The Quest)
translation of 'The Impossible Dream' from Man of La Mancha
sung by Bruno Pelletier

Rêver un impossible rêve
Porter le chagrin des départs
Brûler d´une possible fièvre
Partir où personne ne part

To dream an impossible dream
To bear the heartache of goodbyes
To burn with the fever of possibility
To go where no one has gone
Aimer jusqu´à la déchirure
Aimer, même trop, même mal,
Tenter, sans force et sans armure,
D´atteindre l´inaccessible étoile
To love until you're torn apart
To love, even too much, even to illness
To dare, without strength and without armour
To reach the unattainable star
Telle est ma quête,
Suivre l´étoile
Peu m´importent mes chances
Peu m´importe le temps
Ou ma désespérance
Et puis lutter toujours
Sans questions ni repos
Se damner
Pour l´or d´un mot d´amour
Je ne sais si je serai ce héros
Mais mon cœur serait tranquille
Et les villes s´éclabousseraient de bleu
Parce qu´un malheureux
So much is my quest
To follow the star
No matter my chances
No matter how long it takes
Or my despair
And to fight onwards
Without questions or pause
To give anything
For only the gold of a loving word
I don't know if I could be that hero
But my heart would be at peace
And villages would be blinding with blue skies
Because one unfortunate man
Brûle encore, bien qu´ayant tout brûlé
Brûle encore, même trop, même mal
Pour atteindre à s´en écarteler
Pour atteindre l´inaccessible étoile
Burns still, even more than anyone has burned
Burns stills, even too much, even to illness
To achieve while tearing himself apart
To reach the unattainable star
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