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Adventures in Set Design: Q Edition Redux

Apparently home designs are like my stories: I work away in rotation and finish them all at once. Last of the spam, I promise.

Q's new flat, from "The Roles We Play".

This flat is based on one I found on the internet, and a picture I found on pinterest. It's the first time I've used a photo reference, and it's pretty damn close to what I wanted.

For reasons I have yet to discover, there were two objects that rendered weird, no matter what I tried. So, here's the aerial views. Take a good look at that rug on the lower level. It will never look that way again.

QNew Flat Aerial QNew Flat Aerial Lower


QFlat Upper02 QFlat Upper01 QFlat Loo

I originally thought of the flat as being very white, but it was too boring. And then I thought of white brick, but that didn't look right. So, I've played around with accent walls. There's a mirror by the door there, and some coat hooks. A telly on the wall over the stairs. Q doesn't really watch telly. The most he uses it for is syncing from his tablet to work from bed if he wants. There's a toilet in the loo, but it's quite a small room and I couldn't get the camera angle to show it. Normally I use the mirror to reflect, but this particular model is imported, and so not programmed to have reflective material on it. The door to the loo would not be that transparent in real life, but there's no option to set transparency in the programme, so it's in default form. Mycroft's Vernt print gift over the bed.


QFlat Lower01 QNew Flat02 QNew Flat04 QNew Flat03

Here we can see the rug and kitchen rendering problems. For some reason, depending on where I put the camera, one section of the cupboards would turn white. I dunno. Ignore it, please.

Q's computer hub. Speakers, where The Cat likes to sleep when she's being sociable. The pictures on the walls are various areas of London. The two square boxes on the walls in the kitchen next to the island are automatic feeders--one dispenses cat food, the other water. Q programmed them so he doesn't have to remember to feed The Cat, just fill up the dispenser once a month or so. I didn't put a litter box in, but it would be there somewhere.

I saw a sofa with a coffee table that slid in to the cushions when it wasn't being used, and it solved my space programme rather nicely. I just finagled one for myself by putting a coffee table model into a couch model. The black area slides out. The shelves under the window would probably have stuff on them, but I didn't put anything in except for Q-branches' fire extinguisher and Grandmere's photo. Mummy's plant is on the computer desk.


QNew Flat Outside

Here's what the flat looks like from the outside. The windows would be too big for curtains in real life, so I've written in that they tint by remote for privacy and to block out the light at night time.
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