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First Line Meme

I've done this one before, but not for about five years or so. I saw it on tumblr and thought it might interesting to see if anything has changed since the last time.

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

1. One of the new MEs, Dr Sterne, was very strict about everyone turning their mobiles off while assisting on her autopsies. ("Sleepover")
2. Q had most of the functions in his flat linked into an app on his phone. ("The Roles We Play")
3. Someone was pounding on the door in Alec's dream, and when he woke up with a jolt, he found that someone was pounding on the door in real life. ("Home Invasion")
4. The door to 221 Baker Street was unlocked when Mycroft arrived. ("Brothers and Sisters")
5. I woke up to the sound of a huge clap of thunder. ("One of Gramma's Spells")
6. John unlocked the door of his flat, and knew instantly something was very wrong. ("Homecoming")
7. John supposed, in the end, that he didn't so much acquire a dog as he was acquired by a dog. ("Strange Flatmates")
8. Before Now there was Then, when naught existed but the stars and black space. ("The Legend of Dreamess and Builder")
9. There was a very fit man who came into the same coffee shop as Molly. ("Settling For The Best")
10. John stamped the snow off his boots and slipped them off his feet, wincing as his socks soaked through with the cold water on the floor. ("Better Than Hockey")
11. “... and so, the motive is clear, but there was no one with that motive, so it can't be the motive, but there was no other possible motive. It must be here, somewhere.” ("Cold Case Day")
12. Sherlock closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of the instrument in his hands; the frets and strings under his fingers, the wood under his chin, the bow in his hand. ("Big Brother Instincts")
13. Siger hated hospitals. He hated being in them, he hated visiting them, he hated looking at them. ("Comfort")
14. There were two generally accepted facts about the Quartermaster. ("Coffee")
15. Sherlock had been staring at a piece of paper for thirty-six hours straight. ("Consult")
16. Since the children had grown-up and moved out, the Holmes family's Christmas dinner rarely happened on Christmas day. ("Simple Things")
17. In the Holmes household, there was no such thing as 'light's out'. ("Pox")18. The phone calls were the things Sarah hated the most. ("Decent Proposals")
19. Siger Holmes hated parties more than anything in the whole of creation. ("Acceptably Close to Love")
20. Molly woke up on an autopsy table in the mortuary. ("The Caregiver Pt. 2")
21. Sherlock had been pacing back and forth through the lab for the past fifteen minutes. ("The Caregiver Pt. 1")
22. “You know what? I've changed my mind,” Sarah announced. “Let's just go home.” ("Perfect")
23. “John? John!” ("The Greatest of Men")
24. Q sat up in bed, and reached for his glasses on his bedside table. ("No Rest")
25. The Holmes beach house in Nice was spectacular. ("Clouds and Ashes")

Okay, I apparently really love opening with a statement. A statement that tells you who is there, where they are, and what they are doing. This is fairly consistent with my last go round, but there I had an equal amount of dialogue and prose. Now I seem to favour prose over dialogue. I'm not sure what that means. It's possible that I was doing more Dresden Files and now I'm almost exclusively Sherlock. Perhaps Sherlock lends itself more to a factual opening than a speaking one. I do note that I have a much easier time starting fics than I used to have. Sometimes I have to go back and add a bit to the beginning to lead in more smoothly, but mostly I know where I want to start now. It's ending that's the problem.
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