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Adventures in Set Design: Molly Edition

Molly's flat, as seen in "An Extended Stay", "The Caregiver", "Settling for the Best" and "Sleepover".

Aerial view to start off:

Molly Flat Redo Aerial

I've actually had Molly's flat done for a while, but I recently discovered a better way to render that doesn't wash out wall colours, and I couldn't put Molly into the blah colours I had there, so I did a bit of a remodel. I also gave her some closets to fill out a problem area I had (more about that later).

Living Room
Molly Flat Redo Living Molly Flat Redo Living02

I originally had predecorated shelves, but they slowed things down so much, I had to replace them with empty ones. I imagine Molly has a lot of little trinkets everywhere in her place. Look, curtains! The door on the left photo goes into the hallway to the bedroom area. The frame over the computer has Molly's diploma in it, and Toby has a scratching post.


Molly Flat Redo Kitchen02 Molly Flat Redo Kitchen01

Kitchen area, filled with the same models I almost always use for kitchens. I picture there being a bunch of crap in here, little cute salt and pepper shakers and silly mugs, and cow oven gloves, and figurines. Little things Molly saw and couldn't resist buying. In my orginal mental image, there was a door to the hallway from both the kitchen and the living room, which did not work at all logistically. So I've compromised, and gave her a little pantry there on the right, where the washer and dryer are, or something. Robin's Egg blue is apparently an It colour for kitchen's right now. It seemed very cheerful, and a nice change from my perpetually yellow kitchens, because all kitchens are yellow in my mind. Possibly because our own family kitchen has gone from yellow to another shade of yellow to another shade of yellow during it's two remodelings.


Molly Flat Redo Bed02 Molly Flat Redo Bed

Exeter the teddy bear is on the bed, there. There is a small balcony attached. I read a fic once where she had a balcony, and so there has always been a balcony in my mind. Big closets to slip into in search of things. There's a clothes hamper in the corner there. I needed room for two people to manoeuvre easily, so it's not very full of furniture.


Molly Flat Redo Loo

Obligatory loo shot. I didn't have any specific colours in mind for Molly's flat, just the layout. I think because the majority of 'An Extended Stay' takes place at night, so the colours weren't 'visible' in the dark. So, I had quite a lot of fun choosing what colours looked nice as opposed to what they looked like in my head.
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